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  1. That's awesome!!! Glad to hear it. Thank you so much for replying!
  2. CMac so sorry that happened to your son no need to reply if this is too many questions- but did he have Lyme Co-infections also? Did you get resolution?
  3. I did end up talking to the doctor and she said she has to treat it as an allergic reaction likely to the Bactrim but possibly the arithromycin. She wanted to keep him on the atovaquone so we did that but the rash worsened over night. Did your son’s rash improve once you stopped the meds or did you not stop them and just start steroids?
  4. Hi Been reading these forums for over a year which has been so helpful. My son has had on and off tics for three years, not ever really bad. He has had mild anxiety, but this fall, after being sick, his tics became very pronounced and then his anxiety skyrocketed and he developed panic and OCD-like behaviors. He was then diagnosed by a naturopath with PANS due to several tick-borne infections. He is currently on Bactrim, Arithromycin and Atovaquone. I have so many questions, but right now I can't reach my naturopath and have a more urgent question. We are on day 8 of meds and overnight my son developed what looks like chicken pox all over his body after being very itchy. Benadryl calmed it down but it has actually worsened over the day. Is this a die-off reaction or a reaction to meds? I know noone can say for sure but I am wondering if anyone else has dealt with this. As an aside, after the 1st dose of the atovaquone he developed itchiness and small bumps on his chin but those went away without any medications. No rash/bumps since then but he is itchy before bed. Itchiness was one of his symptoms right before bed even before starting treatment.
  5. Knav I know you posted this years ago but I came across it while trying to help my son who is 7 with an increasing throat clearing tic. We are considering adenoid and tonsil removal this summer. Did you ever figure out which was the trigger or resolve your son's issue?
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