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  1. Hello all. My daughter is 17 and has been on every pysch med imaginable, CBT/ERP, you name it...I've discovered over the past few years her OCD is caused from infection in her brain and right now I am searching for a pyschiatrists or MD.. any DR really, who will be willing to consider using ceftriaxone to help treat her. She is miserable right now and OCD is preventing her from getting her physical conditions treated properly. Studies on OCD and ceftriaxone are remarkable and every time she has had some she has had significant symptom relief, only issue is finding a doctor who will listen. Any
  2. My DDs pediatrician recommended a tonsillectomy when she was ten, it didn't get done until five years later. I was told they were some of the worst tonsils they ever saw. She wasn't given abx before or after and caught strep several times after, that being said I think she would be in a better state currently if we had gotten it done when it was recommended by an experienced doctor. I would highly suggest doing the surgery! My DD recovered in under a month and it had some long term benefits
  3. Hello, all. I posted in this form about eight or so months ago searching for answers on how to treat my daughter's pandas. Since then, after a very long and hard journey, we have found out she has Neurolyme and multiple coinfections. It seems she regressing neurologically on a daily basis and the oral antibiotics aren't doing anything for her. She responded excellently to ceftriaxone in the past, so I am in desperate search for an LLMD willing to give it to her again. We have been seeing an LLMD for a few months now, but I found him to be dismissive and not willing to hear anything out. My dau
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