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  1. if you're in the US try toptropicals out of florida...you can purchase online. I got a plant from them over the summer. good luck!
  2. @cova interesting, and really great you guys found something very low impact and low risk that worked wonders! I will have to put this on my list of things to try. Thanks again for the info!
  3. @cova I know all those helpless feelings, still going through it now. Im happy for you and your family that you guys found a solution!! I hope to get there eventually. My son who just turned 5, also started in december.....then cleared up in mid march after he was ill with a fever where we treated him with ibuprofen. He was tic free for over 2 months, then the tics came back in june...and were still in a battle with it. Hes been flaring the last week or so, a crazy hard 2 leg jump tic....im suprised he hasnt complained about soar legs. Hearing success stories like this keeps my
  4. @cova do you mind sharing what kinds of treatment your functional dr used on your child?
  5. @Kath04 I know this is an old post, but curious if you found a doc in area? Also how are things going?
  6. @shelly76 How is your son doing? Any good news or discoveries?
  7. Thanks for the update Mert! Sounds like my son, tics changing daily and appears to be more when idle. Hope things go well on your vacation!
  8. I recently learned of something called the Nemecheck Protocol that is mainly used to treat autism, I was wondering if anyone here has tried it for tics? In general the protocol sounds harmless... avoid omega 6 no pro biotics add inulin fiber add olive oil omega 9 add fish oil omega 3 The idea is to treat something called SIBO with inulin, then the oils to help the brain heal itself by reducing inflamation.
  9. After a terrible Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday with tic activity, we saw some promising results starting Thursday. A nice reduction of tics, maybe cut down by half. I hope the trend continues. What did we do differently? We'll we've cleaned up his diet all week, cut down on sweets, and have been supplementing with collagen powder...though none of that seemed to make any immediate impact, the one thing we did Wednesday night was up his Magnesium, instead of 1 in the morning and 1 at night, he had 1 in the morning and 3 at night (gummies, each with about 83mg per as magnesium citrate ). That
  10. Thanks @maryangela -- I will inquire about that.
  11. Update: My son progressively got worse....increase of tics over the course of 9 days. Last night during dinner he was ticcing every few seconds....i know he was tired because he was falling asleep eating in his seat. Oddly he did have 10 hours of sleep the night before, but no nap. He hurt his leg a bit ago where he couldnt walk for a day, and had a limp shorlty after...the stress could trigger things. I also gave him IBProfin a couple times last week, but felt bad after reading the label....high fructose corn syrup and dyes added. Maybe that stuff is still in his system?
  12. Hello, just wondering if anyone has any recommendations on L-Glutamine supplements for children (brands, dosage)? I have a 4 (soon to be 5) year old with tics, and I wanted to see if this supplement would help. Thank you!
  13. That's great hear that things settled down. I was curious because my son (who will be 5 in july), had some major tics that started in december. We had cleaned up his diet and by mid april he appeared tic free. About a few weeks ago we started to see a lot of facial tics re-emerge, and so far it hasn't seemed to improve much. We did let his diet loosen up a little and we're trying to clean it back up again. Wishing the best for your child!
  14. Thanks for that info. Well keep us updated on how it goes with the pediatrician, I know how you feel because ours wasn't much help either.
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