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  1. Thank you for your response, my son is on vitamin supplements and diet changes reducing dairy etc,,, I have made sure he carries on doing sports and doing stuff he loves . To be honest he is doing very well these days, he still tics daily but I guess that’s the waning period. I am just finding it so hard not knowing what’s to come , not being in control . Living life a day at a time not knowing if it will get better , worse or stay the same 😔 makes me lose hope and upset
  2. Since my son son started ticcing not a long time ago , I have gotten myself into a state. I am literally falling into peace’s I am scared that he will get the swearing / vocal tics. He has 6 tics at the moment this seems so extreme and im worried he’s going to get the swearing : vocals since that’s the only one he doesn’t have . is it normal of TS kids to have multiple at a time , head jerk, shoulder, toe scrunching , a stomach one , but clinching ,throat clearing, clicking tounge and other sounds. I discovered some of these myself he had not mentioned . I’m so worried. I feel like that’s the next thing coming. 😔 I know it says this is rare but I have been watching videos on YouTube and seems many people have this. I’m so worried that I’m depressed about it. I’m sorry to anyone who has a child or whose got this tic I don’t mean any offence. I just feel like I wouldn’t be able to cope with it😔 this is my biggest fear at the moment. I know I’m being ridiculous but I cry over it and can’t stop thinking about what his life will be like. It seems like this type of tic is for life in most cases and I feel bad that now I am hoping he stays with the motor and the sounds he makes . My son is fine, he deals with it pretty well, and he is still enjoying life .but I know the vocal words would destroy my family, I wish there was a button to switch it all off
  3. Thanks, we are seeing one for a full consultation on Monday . He understands tics and said he might be able to help with tension and pain but not cure. Although he said we might see an improvement. Fingers crossed. How is your son and how are his tics
  4. My son who started a head jerk this past month has been very emotional and having random emotional and anger outbursts, he has cried more this past month more than he’s done In years. Today I have him a journal to write about himself and he wrote sad, numb and tired. And he drew a sad monster who he says is the devil and he drew himself with 4 eyes and tears. He is 7 He also says he’s always sad at school and when I asked him why there doesn’t seem to be any real issues with bullying but seems like he’s not copying with life in general I’m so distraught as I don’t know what to do anymore, my family thinks I’m overreacting. I have booked an appointment with the headteacher to see if he can get counselling and I’m also taking him for a spine exam at the chiropractor Just in case he is in pain from the neck jerking . He is also very negative , always talking about death, someone getting injured and he says stuff like everything fun can be dangerous . his behaviour is also now bad he doesn’t seem to listen when told to do something or to stop doing certain bad behaviours.
  5. I’m glad it went away for your son, it’s been 4 weeks of worry for me I use bath salts for him everyday before school and bed and occasionally use a spray which he finds stings so I use it when he’s asleep. I give him a multi vitamin that contains 75mg of magnesium and iron. When I asked him why he does that with his head he said it felt like a balloon that needed popping and he had to do it to popthe balloon. i think anxiety triggers his because this morning on the way to school he got spooked by a cat and he did a few head jerks after.seems school is stressing him. He seems to be back to square 1 where it’s a few minutes head jerks sigh. I’m praying it goes away soon.
  6. They started 4 weeks ago out of nowhere. It’s disturbing to watch and it confuses him , some days he says it makes him upset that he can’t stop it and some days it makes his head fuzzy and neck hurts. I’m hoping it goes soon. However I also worry that something even worse will show up He had allergy tests done before and his main issue is grass allergy which causes red itchy and dry He has eye allergies . Which he uses an eye drop twice a day but since it has been winter we haven’t been using it much , he also takes a daily anti allergy medicine in summer / spring. His allergy test showed he has a dairy , nut, dust, pet hairs, soya allergy although to a minimum the main was grass which was 89%
  7. My 7 year old developed a head jerk tic a day after falling at school (not sure if related) X-rays were clear . I showed his GP a video of this head jerk and he said it’s behavoural just ignore it will go away. It’s been so hard for me to accept that this is happening. I recently had a baby who is colicky nd cries a lot so that’s one change that’s happened. I have noticed that he has become more sensitive and moody since this tic started he sometimes says things like no one loves me Anymore. Other people don’t seem to notice the tic and I’ve been told I’m overreacting, my husband doesn’t thinks there is a problem he doesn’t notice it that much but he’s quite busy. i don’t discuss the tics with my son unless he mentions them for example today he was doing a funny dance with his head and said ohh mummy it looks like I’m doing this (doing the tic). Then I said ohh so you still do that then he said yes, I asked if it hurts and he said yes and pointed at the back of his neck. I then offered to give massage then he said no thanks , and no to icepack so I have him pain relief instead. I asked why he doesn’t tell me if it hurts then he ignored me ,, he doesn’t like to talk about it I guess. I’m devestated for him I worry for his future. He is on vitamin supplements with magnesium as well as bath salts and a magnesium spray . I have made changes to diet but that’s hard so taking it slowly. He goes to school which he hates , I don’t think other kids have noticed much although the teacher has told me she noticed the tic. he still does his activities he loves swimming , football etc notice him ticking there i still can’t help but worry for his future if it will get worse as I have noticed him doing weired sounds although not loud and also a shoulder shrug. I’m so depressed and I can’t stop googling symptoms.
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