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  1. Thanks everyone for your replies....I am very grateful and thank you for the virtual hugs too. My daughter's symptoms resolved in about a day (knock on wood) but I put a call out to our ped for advice and whether to test for PANDAS/PANS Our ped thinks it could be related to her being sick but doesn't necessarily think PANDAS. She is referring my daughter to the neurologist as well to be safe. My son's swab came back negative and we have to wait for the neurologist to try and move forward with bloodwork (still waiting to find out.when his appointment is). I am hopeful our appointment with the naturopath can reveal more information that will help us....like really really hoping. I am tempted to book an appointment for my daughter but will probably wait for my son's first appointment and see how that goes. Nursemomof4: did your Naturopath do in depth bloodwork and swabs? How hard and long was the detox? (I am okay with the idea of a detox if necessary but my son is only 2 and I want to make sure he doesn't miss out on much needed vitamins and minerals to grow strong and healthy while detoxing.....although if a detox is needed he probably is having trouble getting what he needs now as is.) Has your son officially healed / is he in remission? An infectiois disease doctor sounds like a very intereting route....I wonder what the chances are of even getting a referral like that, though? I imagine most peds/familydocrors would think pediatric neurologist is the coreect path to follow, not infectious disease.....thoughts? Thank you for sharing your story and words of encouragement!
  2. Following....I feel like we are goimg through something similar, though haven't received a PANDAs diagnosis to this point. I am encouraged to hear that your daughter's symptoms resolve on their own and within a few days (though I imagine this is stressful and concerning all the same). Any new updates? I'm glad you have a supportive doctor! With your son, did antibiotics alone solve his symptoms?
  3. Kevin, Thank you for sharing, especially since it contains such personal details and I am sure evoked some emotions. All I can say is wow and unbelievable. I am so sorry you guys went through that....that is totally messed up and so very scary. We put our trust in medical professionals as the 'experts' and expect that they know what they are doing....especially when it comes to kids. I hope the first doctor you went to is no longer practicing. Regarding the doctor at the hospital, I can't believe he actually eye rolled at you.....gee, thanks for the help and support. I guess it helped put you on the path you ended up on so even though it was pretty crappy to see that it seems lime it helped in the end, strangely enough. Did your son's tics start of as.mild and then progress? Did they ebb and flow before you worked with Thea or were they consistently mild or consistently strong? My apologies....I hope you don't mind my many questions. Originally I was very much looking forward to a pediatric neurologist referral but admittedly the more I read the more I am tempering my expectations that they will likely tell me it's nothing and my son will grow out of it and to just ignore it. I guess we'll see. If my daughter is indeed starting to show some signs, then possibly they will do a bit more investigating but who knows. (As it turns out, she did not show any tics today, though has some energetic bursts that I am not sure what to make of....normal for her? Maybe. Or maybe not? Good ole guessing game.) I am really really hoping my naturopath gets us on the right path and can help rule things in or out. If not I am not sure what to do. Fingers crossed. Thanks again for your blog and your response. I really enjoyed reading it amd especially loved the ending.
  4. I am not sure if my reply format is going to come through okay, but just wanted to thank you for your response....it brought me to tears. This is all new and like everyone else that has gone through or is going through this, I am feeling scared, overwhelmed and worried and have a million questions and thoughts....especially if both of my kids are having tics. (My son alone was stressful enough.) When you were first trying to figure things out, where did you start, how did you end up with going to a nutritionist, what did you do to get started? Did you have a lot of trials and errors before coming across Thea? I feel like I want to a full screening to see what, if any vitamins and/or nutrients may be lacking or too high, if there is metal toxicity, etc. Did you run a gammut of tests and if so were they helpful? Thank you for your support....aside from my husband and doctor I haven't spoken with any friends or family about this and the support and advice is valuable. This is my post that I just started if you are interested....it is quite long. Sorry! Kevin, Thank you for writing this blog and letting us follow you through your journey. I am.so happy it worked out for you and your family. I just posted a very long post about my kids and admittedly I am worried. I am so eager to work with our naturopath (we don't meet for two more weeks) to try and figure this all out but I feel like I don't know where to start. Your post has been inspiring and has made me feel less alone and optimistic. Thank you.
  5. Anybody? I was hoping at least for a supportive virtual hug.
  6. Kevin, Thank you for writing this blog and letting us follow you through your journey. I am.so happy it worked out for you and your family. I just posted a very long post about my kids and admittedly I am worried. I am so eager to work with our naturopath (we don't meet for two more weeks) to try and figure this all out but I feel like I don't know where to start. Your post has been inspiring and has made me feel less alone and optimistic. Thank you.
  7. Hello, I am new to this forum and apologize if I am posting something that has already received a lot of coverage and/or if I am posting in the wrong section (and for the long post!). I am looking for help, ideas, insight and reassurance.... My 26 month old son started exhibiting very obvious tics back on New Year's day (about 6 weeks ago). His tics began with very pronounced eye blinking (which lasted approximately 3 weeks). About five days after the eye blinking began, he started doing a pronounced head tilt/shoulder shrug which he still displays to varying degrees up to today (5 weeks later). A few days after the head tilting began, he also began doing a lot of face rubbing and touching and putting his hands in his hair (also still present up to today to varying degrees). If I am honest with myself, I think he was doing some of these things to a much milder degree back in December, possibly before then but I didn't realize it was potentially tics. I also wonder if he has a mild vocal tic as he seems to make a bit of a "c" or "kuh" sound at times (and does a little lip smacking (within the last week)). He is doing well overall otherwise - had a burst of language and other mental development back in December, started at a new daycare in January which seems to be going well....He is affectionate, loving, fun, funny, intelligent, and developing in line with his age. Not sure if it is relevant, but he has always been pretty intense in displaying his emotions and was 'colicky' from about the second day (yes, day) he was brought home from the hospital. Our pediatrician thinks this is developmental related and nothing serious. She did say that he is having complex motor tics that may come and go over the years ahead. She has referred us to a pediatric neurologist and we are waiting to hear back on an appointment. She also did a throat swab for strep and should have results back in the next couple of days. As grateful as I am to hear that our doctor thinks this is nothing serious, I feel that this is stemming from *something* and really want to work towards resolving this from the root and have an appointment booked with a homeopathic/naturopathic doctor (doesn't take place for a couple more weeks). My son had a variety of illnesses his first year and I wonder how much of that is playing into today's issues (e.g. has it built up toxicity in his system, has some it created some sort of methylation issue, etc.). I also told our doctor that in December my son seemed like he was not noticing simple things right in front of him or even in his hand and would ask for said object like he had no idea where it was (long term memory seems to be fine). I have felt pretty worried the last month but have been trying to put those aside and not put much energy into the worries, and to remain optimistic. To make things more stressful though, today, I noticed my 4.5 year old daughter doing a few random shoulder shrugs which is out of character for her and they were not done around my son so I do not think this is a case of her copying her little brother. We think she has done a head tilt and also a stiffening of her arm in the last day or two. So......what does this all mean? Anyone have any thoughts? When it was just my son ticcing I could think of a variety of potential causes but with my daughter also displaying some tics (we think), I feel like I have narrowed down the list to: genetic (TS - though neither side has a history of TS; or MTHFTHR(?) gene defect?); environmental of some kind (we don't use harsh chemical cleaners, could it be dust, mold....if mold or cleaners at school would they still tic at home on weekends and evenings?), less balanced diet (we strive for fruits and veggies with each meal but admittedly eat more processed stuff than we should); food sensitivities (my son is not diagnosed as lactose intolerant but is on lactose free milk, my daughter seems to be allergy free)and vaccines. (I am not an anti-vaxxer - both of my kids have had all of their shots per the schedule).....but what I keep coming back to is what led up to the tics presenting - one of those things was vaccines.....both of my kids had a flu shot in October and because it was the first time getting the flu shot, they had to get a booster. They each got the flu booster shot at the start of December and at that appointment they *also* got their scheduled vaccinations (2 yr shots for my son and 4 yr shots for my daughter). Is it possible that tics would not start until a month (for my son) and two months (for my daughter) *after* getting the shots? Could toxicity build up but not present for a month or two? *Could* this be PANDAs in both? My son had a cold through January and my daughter started coughing last week - neither seem sick enough to have strep but maybe they have the strain? I can't help but feel like my daughter has been more energetic (hyper?) over the last week or so (hoping I'm not just reading in to things). Does anyone have any advice or insights on possible causes especially considering both children now seem to be affected? I was finally feeling calmer about my son but now am feeling sort of in shock seeing my daughter also seemingly displaying some tics. Does TS typically present amongst *both* siblings and at around the same time (not same age)? Sorry for such a long post....just trying to give some background in hopes of getting some direction. I know I have asked a whole lot of questions....if anyone can relate and comment even on pieces of this that relate to their story, I would be grateful. Thank you in advance for reading!
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