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  1. Thank you so much Sheila. I really really appreciate your response!! I am focusing on a super clean diet too and hoping it clears. 

    He sometimes takes Claritin for outdoor allergies so will add to his morning routine for the antihistamine properties. 

    Thank you!!!

  2. Hello,

    We have been able to manage my son’s minor tics mostly thru diet (GF+DF), some exercises, Epsom salt baths and magnesium. It keeps the tics very subtle

    Just this week though he is getting worse/having a flare. We are at home for school become of the virus, so maybe it is the increased screen time. Then I think maybe it’s something in our house. Or it could be seasonal allergies. It is so upsetting. I don’t know what to do. 😢

    any advise? 

  3. My son’s class will be going on a 2-night outdoor education camp this year during the school week. All the kids are very excited. 

    BUT!  I am already so stressed and worried. My son is GF and DF as it keeps his tics very subtle. I’m sure the camp could accommodate GF at least, but my son just wants to eat the food like everyone else. there will be options as it’s buffet style. 
    My husband is going as one of the chaperones.

    2 nights is a long time. I’m so worried his tics will flare and become more apparent. He has a blinking tic mostly and if too much bad food has bouts of a “huh” breath. 

    I’m literally losing sleep over this. 😢 he will have this 2 night overnight this year at school and then again next year too. 

    I am so worried!!!😢😢😢


  4. Hi all,

    Wondering for those with older kids, how did the tics manifest as they got older? For those with tics that either disappeared or got very minor, when did this happen and was it gradual? Also, did they continue diet, vitamins and watching chemical exposure load after it was getting better?  


    Thank you


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