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    I've just started this blog. Feel free to follow it, and please pass it on to your adult children with PANS/PANDAS/Lyme!
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    autumndawn reacted to bobh in Feelings of Introversion, Irritation, and Indifference?   
    I am so sorry to hear about your struggles.  Have your symptoms changed since you started the abx (antibiotic)?

    I don't have any experience with adult PANDAS, but can easily imagine that what we see in children can easily translate to what you are describe as an adult.

    If your symptoms did get worse since the abx started, search "herx" with the dialogue box in the top right corner, once you are in this group (rather than the entire site, or just a thread).  That will give you a bunch of hits on experiences of getting worse before getting better on abx.  Descriptions of herx are usually dramatic, but that might be because only the most dramatic reactions are noted and reported - there may very well be such a thing as a slow, drawn-out herx.
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