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  1. Need some help! I have a son, 6 years old, who started to show tics about 1,5 years ago at the age of 4. His hands and arms flew into the air at the dinnerstable, both in kindergarden and at home. It was always there, and only there. (I also need to add that he has never been interested in eating. Often I needed to pick him up early from kindergarden and feed him something because he was so low on energy. It is as if he does not feel hunger almost.) A year later he also started to run in our livingroom as well as in kindergarden. It could go on for quite some time and he was then very difficult to reach. He did not hear you, he just kept on running back and forth like he was in a trans. This occured every day. At the age of 6 he also started maiking noise when running, the number of hours running increased and his arm-tics (hands, arms) where much more frequent, now showing everywhere throughout the day. Every day. Watching TV or videogames make it even worse. We were devistated on his behalf, as we realised he could not control it. We have turned to regular doctors. But the waitinglist for appointments are long and the overall view is that "this is the way it is". We started to do a lot of research ourselves, while waiting and came across this forum. I have ordered the book and read hundreds of webpages. Many seem to conclude that a glutenfree milkfree diet is a good way to start. And so we did, 2 months ago. Milk was easy to leave out. we had already switched to lactosefree products since he always had stomach ace and was complaining heavily after every icecream he ever had). The first 4 days of the glutenfree, dairyfree diet was like a miracle. He suddenly became soo focused, almost no running, less ticcing and with a presense that I have almost ever seen. But after 5 days he started ticcing like I had never seen! And it was the worse ticcing we had ever experienced. It subsided after about 14 days. and the past 2 months I would say that he is: - More present and focused - Hungrier than before ( he can even refer to food as good) - Runs a lot less (now it os up to a maximum of 10 minutes, compared to hours before) - Only goes to the toilet once a day now (he used to go 5 times a day, food seemed to run right through him) HOWEVER (so this is my question) - His armtics seems more easily awoken (many times a day) - He all of the sudden reacts VERY strongly (with a lot of tics, almost shaking) to foods that he has never reacted to before. These are apples, raisins, broccoli, youghurt (made out of pure oats) - all strong in Salicylates it seems like. He also reacts heavily to some sweets (the tinyiest bit ever) that are red (red colour). This little candy costed him 2 days of ticcing and shaking. Why is he so very sensitive now? Does anyone of you out there have similar experiences? Right now I basicly feed him : no sugar, no gluten, no dairy and no salicylates. But I am concerned, because I want him to be able to eat vegetables and fruits at least. He has never been that in to candy, anyhow. I keep a food journal and keep track of everything he eats. I have changed his toothpaste (he was ticcing every time we brushed his teeth the past 2 years) and after choosing a toothpaste with no color or mint flavor the ticcing during brushing stopped the very day I switched paste. Please let me know your thoughts. I have started to question everything and I don't understand why the ticcing was reduced so heavily the first couple of days of the diet, but have increased his sensitivity. Looking for answers! Should I stop the diet? The lactoses is a factor for sure for him, but is casein? or is it the gluten that makes his stomach much better? I read some stories here where the tics stop a week after the diet is introduced. That is not the case for us. Does that mean it doesnt work? sincerely Anna