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  1. CCC, my heart goes out to you. Newtotics, I urge you to share what you know with us. There are many of us considering to go. We know that this cannot be a cure-all, but we want to hear any possible thing we can about it. Dalit
  2. Linda, Deanna, It was not ryansmom from the other forum, although I spoke with her too. The lady's name is Gail, and you can get her phone number from Dr. Sims' office (I do not feel comfortable passing her phone number because I did not ask her permissiom, but I'm sure she'll be happy to speak with you. She was very nice, and very happy and relieved). Her son is about ten, and his tics were all over, blinking, spitting, coughing and body tics like dragging the leg. She kept repeating that the OCD was very bad, fears, hand washing, unable to touch anything siblings touched. Dalit
  3. We are scheduled to see Dr. Sims August 24th (flying in from LA, all of us. Noga's brother insisted he has to be there for her too, so we thought we'll see DC as well). I talked today with another mom who saw Dr. Sims. They too had tried many things before (candida diet, NAET, etc') but were not successful. Her son has had the device since March, but since he lost a tooth and had a little trouble wearing the device 24hr, he's really been with it for about a month and a half. Her son had many tics but mostly severe OCD. She says that for her son tics stopped immediately while the retainer is in. In the begining they used to come back the moment the retainer was taken out, but now they dont anymore. She said that OCD has improved (as she said it) "a hundred thousand percent" but still not gone completely, and Dr. Sims told her it may take a few more months to be gone. She said that Dr. Sims has experienced rejection from the medical community (he approached a hospital and asked them to let him treat ten patients with tourette, so they can see the results, and was refused) and says it is up to parents to spread the word. By the way, in case that for someone it is closer, she told me there's another dentist in Minneapolis who treats similarly, but didnt have any details. I am reading every day to hear if anyone has additional info about it, and will post as soon as i can after we see Dr. Sims. Dalit
  4. Gemi, Thank you for your detailed update. One thing I could not figure out from your post is this: From previous posts, I understand that one of Dr. Sims claims is that in the first appointment, before proceeding for the treatment, you are sure to know if this is working for you or your child, as while he's adjusting the mouth, the tics stop immediately. After that he goes forward and makes accurate measurements and orders the device. Was this occuring in your appointment? Thanks for sharing your experience. Dalit
  5. thank you. i found the affidavit form, and will not perform the TB test. Dalit
  6. Hello everyone, and thank you for all the usefull info. our daughter (7) started displaying tics in a sudden and severe way 2 months ago, and this forum and the latitude site were helpful making some sense of what's goin on (and also in reducing severity of tics). our daughter was just accepted to a new school (our luck... we wanted it for so long, but now we're worried about the change influencing her condition.) The school requires that she will undergo a TB test, and i am concerned this will somehow aggrevate her condition. Our pediatrician said the test is completely safe, and does not spark any immune reaction, but she said that if i'll find any source to support my fear, she will write a letter to the school, asking them to excuse the test. does anyone have any information about this? Am I adding another worry with no justified reason? thanks! Dalit
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