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  1. Hello, I am new to this board and in search to answers that would explain my son’s behavioral changes. They started in the Fall of 2016 and it has been a nightmare ever since. Nothing, other than PANS, explains the severe OCD, ticks, severe aversion to food, oppositional and regressive behavior, forgetfulness at times, personality changes. The last one especially has hit me very hard; I miss my son and he just isn’t back to being himself. He’s been treated only for the psychiatric symptoms and that has been reduced to therapy sessions once a week. My son has refused to continue taking his antidepressant and psychotropic medication since October ’2017. My worries and questions regarding potential PANS, my son most likely has, have been dismissed or at best left unanswered. I find it strange and so frustrating that I cannot find a provider specialized to evaluate and treat my son for this condition. Wisconsin must really be behind in new scientific findings. The most aggravating advice I get from medical providers is to not rely on internet for information. Meanwhile, my son is suffering in silence. He has to be scared, but he will not open up. The only way for him to vent is through irrational resentment and anger. I am fascinated to read posts mentioning the different approaches to treating PANDAS, at a time when I cannot even find a provider for evaluation. And, in fact, this is 9 years after the previous messages on this link have been posted.
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