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  1. Can anybody offer advice! My daughter has had a throat clear tic for over a year. There have been other things too like some eye grimacing but these things have been short term. The throat clearing is chronic, every 15 seconds at worst, every minute of every day. It used to be quiet, then turned into a cough now a loud forceful noise where it is so frequent that people turn to look at her. She is crying saying she cannot help it. We have done mineral testing, she's is slightly under on magnesium so doing supplements for 3 months, no change. She has done bloodwork for allergies, nothing. Where do we go from here? Could she still be intolerant to some foods, even though there are no allergies? I just want to help her so much but I am at a loss. I was certain there were gong to be allergies... We are in the UK and I seem to be drawing blank. Any ideas?