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  1. THANK YOU, Nancy!


    My DS is almost 12, and yes, the world does not see the grays that are so prevalent out there. I find myself saying a lot of "some people do this, some people do that"."Our culture expects this, but in other cultures its different...", "In the past,....", "you can always change your mind", etc to show the range of grays. I'm trying to do this early, before true adolescence and puberty hits.


    Saw a new primary physician doctor this year, and the man spent 5 minutes stressing the importance of handwashing at all times -- before eating, after play, after petting the cat, after this, after that, after each breath you take. just about. Fortunately DS does NOT have contamination OCD, but I never know how these things might morph and I wanted to clamp my hand over this doctor's mouth and say NOT ALL KIDS ARE COOKIE CUTTER THE SAME! (Fortunately, no repercussions).


    But yes, this disease turns parenting on its head. Thanks for articulating it so well!



  2. Thanks. I'm finding that Quest doesn't have the coxsackie A IgG, and that's what my son tested very high on!


    Were you told to go to LabCorp, or is that where you just happened to go? We just happened to use them -- we usually use Quest, but Labcorp was more convenient that day!

  3. Anyone know if the bartonella tests from Quest or Labcorp are reliable, or do we have to go to Igenex?


    DS11 tested positive for Bartonella two years ago,and rifampin brought it down. Just wondering if it makes any sense to re-test for it, since there have been some recent posts about it.

  4. T Anna,


    When you did your whole slew of tests with Dr. T, did he include thyroid tests as well (TSH, free T3, free T4, reverse T3)? If he did, would you be willing to either post them or PM me the results? Thyroid issues can cause sleep problems, and a neurologist recently confirmed that they can sometimes cause OCD as well. You can be within the normal ranges, but if the ratios are off among the different tests, you can still have a problem.

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