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  1. That is not part of dr t's initial panel of tests
  2. Anything more you can say about the Ashkenazi connection? That's what our family is. Thanks!
  3. I think colleges *may* be more open to granting exemptions based on proof of immunity via titres.
  4. You could also ask to switch to one of their docs who does take Aetna.
  5. Can you please pm me the name and location of the California doctor who was so helpful? We are in LA. Thanks!
  6. Can I give them the cup and then insert the test strips after they are done?
  7. Also the main disease I worry about is tetanus because I am scared of that disease. You can get tetanus vaccine by itself but it contains thimerosal. Aargh
  8. You can call practices and ask if they will take you on as a new patient if you r not fully vaccinated. I did when I was searching for a new pediatrician. Most said no and then I just moved on. I did find one at last and also osteopaths and naturopaths are much more open to this type of patient.
  9. THANK YOU, Nancy! My DS is almost 12, and yes, the world does not see the grays that are so prevalent out there. I find myself saying a lot of "some people do this, some people do that"."Our culture expects this, but in other cultures its different...", "In the past,....", "you can always change your mind", etc to show the range of grays. I'm trying to do this early, before true adolescence and puberty hits. Saw a new primary physician doctor this year, and the man spent 5 minutes stressing the importance of handwashing at all times -- before eating, after play, after petting the cat
  10. Thanks. I'm finding that Quest doesn't have the coxsackie A IgG, and that's what my son tested very high on! Were you told to go to LabCorp, or is that where you just happened to go? We just happened to use them -- we usually use Quest, but Labcorp was more convenient that day!
  11. Quick quesiton -- when you did coxsackie titres, did you use quest, labcorp or someone else? Thanks!
  12. Also valtrex. Would love to hear the results of your Thursday appt with dr t re coxsackie.
  13. Many of us have noticed dilated pupils as a PANDAS symptom.
  14. Anyone know if the bartonella tests from Quest or Labcorp are reliable, or do we have to go to Igenex? DS11 tested positive for Bartonella two years ago,and rifampin brought it down. Just wondering if it makes any sense to re-test for it, since there have been some recent posts about it.
  15. S&S -- I am soooo happy for you. I remember some of your earlier posts. What wonderful news!
  16. Colleen -- I was just reading old posts on coxsackie and came across this posting of very high titres. My DS also had some very high coxsackie A titres. Curious if you ever got a response about this from Dr. T. Thanks!
  17. If you kept the tick and your local authorities won't test it, you can send it to Igenex for tick testing for lyme and other diseases. The charge, but I would absolutely do that if it were me. I don't think you need a doctor's prescription for the tick to be tested.
  18. Thinking of you and sending your family all my best wishes.
  19. T Anna, When you did your whole slew of tests with Dr. T, did he include thyroid tests as well (TSH, free T3, free T4, reverse T3)? If he did, would you be willing to either post them or PM me the results? Thyroid issues can cause sleep problems, and a neurologist recently confirmed that they can sometimes cause OCD as well. You can be within the normal ranges, but if the ratios are off among the different tests, you can still have a problem.
  20. Husband has an electrical engineering degree but chose a different field. I work as a software developer.
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