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    Rowingmom I don't want to go off topic but I used astralgus for infertility. It helps regrow teleomers which are the part of DNA that makes your eggs go bad when you get older. Not sure if it was coincident but I did get pregnant immediately after using it. I do recall there was some research that suggested it could also accelerate cancer growth. Have you come across that? On the original topic our llmd did bring up the bovine colostrum idea but I couldn't get comfortable with it.

  2. Yes, DS is sort of low -- hovers around 22 for the past few years.


    I have tried multiple forms and multiple brands (D2. D3, dry, etc) and I've just given up for now. Try for sunshine, but that's not really his thing either.


    It's not at the top of the list.


    Trinitybella- my dd is no where as severe as ur daughter but on the bit d she becomes a mess. Can't go to school, has constant issues with her friends, wakes up yelling at the world. All behavioral Her dr could offer no explanation other than to try a different brand. I know its not the case. That's why I love this forum - know im not alone and crazy. We have done a lot of treatment and to see her backslide on vit d is very hard.
    Ifran- so I take it ur not supplementing? Is his level low?

    Anyone else children can't take it?

  3. Can you post her thyroid numbers?


    C677T single mutation is pretty common in the general population, but a lot of kids here seem to be popping up with the double mutation.


    How much folate are you giving her, and what kind? Also, usually you need b12 or methylb12 along with the folate. But it's tricky. I would ask for medical help with this.

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