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  1. Check for lactose intolerance. That can cause chronic diarrhea. You can buy pills at the drugstore that you take with dairy and that takes care of the problem. If you r very sensitive like I am, then even the small amounts of dairy in cookies and bread can cause problems. Actually, a good test would be to take some lactaid pills with each meal for a few days and see if that helps. It's OTC and very safe. Don't get the chewables. They taste awful! Just get the swallowable ones. Generics are fine and are a lt cheaper than lactaid brand.


    Remember there are lots of hidden sources of dairy in almost everything you eat if it is commercially processed.

  2. I second S&S to check for thyroid. Make sure you do at least TSH, free t3 and free t4. Even better if you can add reverse t3 at the same time. Make sure it is FREE t3 and FREE t4. Thyroid issues can make you exhausted. You want a TSH to be less than or equal to 2.0, no matter what the lab report says is a normal range. This is pretty mainstream, not alternative.

  3. geneticgenie and mthfr.net . The former asks for a ten dollar donation and the other requires a $20 payment. The latter is a lot more comprehensive. They both just tell you heterozygous and homozygous for a bunch of different genes -- you then have to go look up their meaning yourself.


    You may be able to type MTHFR or C677T into 23andme.com's search engine for your results and see what they say.

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