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  1. I posted earlier that my son had been doing really really well with Bontech supps and flaxseed capsules.


    Last Wednesday, he had a lot of peanut butter, which I just found out he is mildly allergic to. (He has eaten it for years, but we pretty much stopped it in March as we went healthier overall and just recently learned he was allergic to it.)


    On Wednesday, after a lot of peanut butter, his tics increased a lot. Not nearly as much as when he was most affected, but they went from about 5 a day to a handful an hour, with some spikes. (In March, he was at about 5 a minute, so we're still seeing much less than before).


    If this is a reaction to the peanut butter, any thoughts on how long this spike will continue? I know that it may be something else -- school just ended, there have been a LOT of birthday parties with cake icing and ice cream, but it was so immediate after the peanut butter that I really think that is the culprit.


    And, if it is a peanut butter reaction and we stay away from pb, will it gradually wane, or just "turn off". in your experiences.




    -- Liane

  2. Hi all.


    In our last shipment of Bontech supplements, I noticed that the capsules were not a uniform color. Most are kind of whitish, but some are much yellower. This was not the case for the last couple of shipments I've received (we've only been ordering them since March or so), where they were all whitish.


    Has anyone else experienced this? Any comments or concerns?




    -- Liane

  3. My son has a very very rare opthalmologic condition, in addiiton to tics. When I was first pursing leads to opthalmologists, I called ahead of time and explained what he had, what I was looking for, and asked if the doctor we were trying to see had enough expertise in that area to make it worth both my time and the doctor's time. Sometimes I got to talk to the doc, sometimes, it went through the nurse and they called me back. One time, the nurse straight-out told me to call someone else, that that doc wasn't a good match for us (or for anyone, was the implication).


    So, I would consider putting together a VERY brief history of your son, say that you want to explore alternative assessments/treatments, including allergy testing, and call the clinic(s) and ask if that doctor would be a good match for you. You can explain about the driving, etc, and I'm sure they will try to be helpful. I have had this work many many times.


    -- Liane

  4. Hi everyone.


    I was just given the results of my son's amino acid urine test. "Essentially normal, but with elevated levels of taurine and hydroxyproline".


    I am assumining the taurine excretion is because of the mag taurage, but I am confused by the hydroxyproline.


    Can anyone shed some light on either of these? We are still in the middle of testing.


    Also, does anyone know what the proper ration of copper and zinc are? I know that Great Plains runs a copper/zinc profile, but my pediatrician ordered them separately. So they are both in the normal range, but I wonder if the ration is at all significant.


    One last question: should urinary OAT test be repeated every so often? He had one done a couple of years ago that was normal and I wonder if I should request a newer one. Also, he's pretty much at a low tic level right now. If he increases in the future, should tests be repeated then?




    -- Liane

  5. Chemar --


    Thanks for the info re: the Habit Reversal Therapy. I had read about it a couple of places and talked briefly to the researchers on the phone to see if they were accepting new participants.


    As of a few months ago, they were still accepting kids for the study, so I don't think they have published their findings yet.


    However, I had heard that that they were funded by a grant from the TSA, so I assumed that it was an appropriate modality for both transient/chronic tics and for tourettes.


    Do you have any literature, etc. that you could point me towards so I can learn more? Because I was thinking that might be a direction we would investigate when my son was old enough.




    -- Liane

  6. I am so sorry that this is happening right now.


    Two thoughts.


    1) I have read that the researchers/practitioners who are doing Habit Reversal Therapy are having a lot of success in eliminating tics by teaching the kids to recognize the premonitory urge and then substituting an opposing muscle action. From what I have read, they can eliminate tics without substituting new ones. There are a couple of research groups who are investigating it. One is in the Los Angeles area and were pretty recently accepting new patients who were 9 years and older (as that's the age when they think that they can teach the kids to recognize the urge). I think there are a couple of other groups throughout the US and there may also be individual practitioners of this therapy as well.


    2) I remember that you said that reading calms him. My son has trouble with binocular vision, due to an unrelated problem (a genetic condition that he inherited from me). His tics increase a lot when he reads with both eyes and do not increase very much when he reads with only one eye. We have seen a vision therapist who has said that he has trouble with converging his eyes and that vision therapy has helped other patients of his who have tics that are brought on by tasks which require convergence. I know that you have a lot of other issues going on, but since reading always calms him, perhaps looking to see if he does something unusual with his eyes when reading (closing one, for instance, which is what *I* do when I read), or using bright or dim light, etc, may bring other clues. You might want to take him for a visual therapy exam to see if there are any visual issues which are contributing, as well as the diet issues that you have already identified.


    I hope that helps and that things get easier for you very soon.


    -- Liane

  7. Greetings.


    I am a new member, and I have a question about supplements. I posted about a week ago, but thought I would ask again as I didn't see any answers to my concern.


    I have an almost 7 year old son who ticced a lot during the winter and now, after several changes to our lifestyle (Bontech supplements, no TV/videos/computers, limited dairy) is doing enormously better. My question, though. He is 60 pounds, and it was recommended that he take 13 of the BonTech supplements a day. This puts his Magnesium Taurate dosage at about 400 mg/day, and I know that many of you use 500 mg a day. However, the RDA and other recommended dosages that I can find for Magnesium is about 150 mg for his weight (some sources say as high as 350 mg. There doesn't seem to be a consensus. )


    I am concerned about giving him too much, because it seems that there are serious biomedical issues with too much magnesium. When he had a Magnesium blood test done about a month ago (on the supplements), he was just above the minimum normal range.


    Can anyone comment? In addition, I occasionally give him baths with Epsom salts, and I am concerned that that may also be increasing the Magnesium levels too high.


    I am also searching for a naturpath/nutritionist/biomed doctor in the Los Angeles area to help us out with this. Can anyone help with that? We are with Kaiser HMO, and would love a recommendation within Kaiser, but I will certainly pay to see someone with the appropriate expertise if I can find them.




    -- Liane

  8. Depending on which state you are in, you may be able to "opt out" of having the TB test. California lets you opt out of any/all vaccinations, as well as a TB test, simply by signing an affidavit. I am told that all schools -- public and private -- have to accept this affidavit.


    Our school made it very easy. They don't advertise it, naturally, but when I asked for it they pulled it out of the folder and handed it to me and that was that. No doctor's note needed, etc.


    Other states have exemptions for religious beliefs, as well.


    -- Liane

  9. Thanks.


    You know, I've wondered that myself, but I'm afraid to stop the supplements because he is down to about 1% of the tics he had over the wintertime. He still has some occasional eyebrow raising and blinking, but not very much and over the winter he had much larger motor movements that were also extremely frequent -- every couple of seconds. I do know that the other day, when we forgot to give him any due to a hurried schedule, I saw one or two of the larger tics show back up by the end of the day that had otherwise completely disappeared.


    But, we also took away almost all dairy, as that is a mild allergy for him. We also took away ALL TV, videos, and computers, except for a computer lesson once a week at school and an occasional computer game that he gets to play for about 15 minutes at his after school program. His worst tics were with computer games and videos, so perhaps taking them away is what made the difference.


    He was also born with an opthalmological problem where his eyes didn't align. He had surgery for that, but close visual work is definitelya trigger for him, and reading and writing caused a lot of tics over the winter. We will be working with a visual therapist to strengthen his eye muscles in order to reduce strain. The visual therapist says that he has worked with other kids with tics and that the visual therapy has helped them.


    So, yes, it could be any of a number of things that have made things better. But I figure the supplements do no harm, so I'm planning on continuing them. Except, I am concerned about giving too much over the RDA.


    -- Liane




    Hello Liane and welcome to the forum,

    Could I ask you something, you say your son started ticcing three years ago, but only for a month at a time? Then you don't see any tics for a while at all? If that is the case, then how do you know it is the Bontech vits that he is doing well on? Especially since he seems to resolve before with no intervention? Sorry, have to ask.




  10. Greetings.


    I have been reading for a month or so, and this is my first post.


    First, I want to say Thank You to everyone for their time, effort, and dedication to this site. It has been a wonderful source of information and encouragement to me so far.


    I have an almost 7 year old son who started ticcing almost exactly 3 years ago, for about a month. A second episode followed in 2007, also for about a month, and a third started this January and was by far the most obvious and long-lasting.


    He started Bonnie's supplements in March and he is doing enormously better. (He was also on fish oil, and was much much much worse until we stopped them).


    My question, though. He is 60 pounds, and it was recommended that he take 13 of the BonTech supplements a day. This puts his Magnesium Taurate dosage at about 400 mg/day, and I know that many of you use 500 mg a day. However, the RDA and other recommended dosages that I can find for Magnesium is about 150 mg for his weight. I am concerned about giving him too much. When he had a Magnesium blood test done about a month ago (on the supplements), he was just above the minimum normal range.


    Can anyone help me with this?




    -- Liane

  11. Hi! I'm a newbie and I haven't figured out how to reply correclty yet.

    But I did want to say Thank You to everyone for the wonderful information you've been posting.


    I do have some questions, and when I figure this out, I will ask them.


    -- Liane

    Hi Greyhound


    honest I wouldnt go up over 500mg taurine and if you arent reacting well to it you shouldnt continue.


    each person is so different and IMHO one should always take little steps with supplements and especially amino acids


    another reason I always mention one should work with a qualified person who can guide

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