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  1. Thanks for your reply. The antibiotics seem to be making some improvement and we've made an appointment to see a specialist so hopefully things will continue to improve. Thanks also for the links, it's good to see information is available - I've never studied anything so much and so quickly in such a short space of time!
  2. My 7yr old son has a button phobia, he's had it for as long as we can remember. Last month CAMHS suggested an ASC assessment. We'd noticed some autistic 'traits' anyway, but nothing to concern us, so this was fine. Since then new behaviours started to emerge, almost daily, all pointing towards PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance). The volcano erupted. He BECAME a boy with PDA in 6 weeks. Then someone mentioned PANS, the symptoms/behaviours are almost identical but with PDA they don't 'just appear'. I don't remember my son having a strep type infection but he did have a horrible influenza bug at the end of August with high fever and fearful hallucinations. On Friday I convinced our GP to prescribe some antibiotics for possible PANS (which they'd not heard of), they've reluctantly given 1 week of Penicillin. We thought we saw improvement after 24 hours. However, 48 hours in and he gets a cough and cold which I guess can throw a spanner in the works. Q1. Has anyone else assumed PDA (or similar) when it was PANS/PANDAS? Q2. Does anyone know the recommended penicillin starting dose? He's on 5ml, 4 times a day (plus ibuprofen) and I'm wondering if this is enough. Thank you all :-)