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  1. Just ordered it thanks. Does this work as well as ibuprofen in your experience? I am treating my kids herbally for lyme and bart, but not seeing the improvement I was hoping for, despite positive tests.
  2. Hi, when I give my 2 kids an ibuprofen dose it's like a light switch for good mood, creativity, engagement etc. I resist doing this more than once a week because im worried about damage. Does anyone know of a natural alternative that I can give all the time? Thanks
  3. Hi anyone familiar with the D-nase antibody test? My kids both tested out of range (>78) normal range is 0-77. But the test doesn't give specific number. I dont know if this is the type of test that most people would be positive or if this is significant. I would love any feedback.
  4. Hello one of my children just tested high in this (>9) range is not given. Does anyone know if this is related to PANDAS or PANS? I see things online about meningitis and I am freaking out.
  5. Hello, I just had blood work done on my 2 boys. They both show normal in range for G-6-PD, Quant Anti Dnase strep antibodies, and same for RBC. But they both show elevated Anti-DNase B Strep Antibodies (>78, range 0-77). Anyone know if this is significant?
  6. Hello, I have a LLMD for my kids, but looking for a PANS specialist who is knowledgeable about Lyme as well so they can differentiate between the symptoms. I appreciate any suggestions, thanks!
  7. Hello, Has anyone used this treatment (low dose immunotherapy) for children with Lyme or PANS? Is this contraindicated in either? And is this a problem in kids with possible immune system deficiency? Thanks so much!
  8. Hello, I just got results today for my 2 children. One is equivocal and the other strong positive. I wonder if any of you have had this test done and curious if you found the results to be what you expected. Thanks
  9. Thanks everyone, much appreciated. We are currently treating for both Lyme and Bart with herbs under LLMD. I am just wondering about PANS since he isn't improving. We are open to IVIG and have ordered Cunningham panel testing.
  10. Wonderful, thanks so much. And please check out my question that I posted about 1 day ago where I ask about the difference between Lyme/PANS/Bart etc. Curious if your symptoms match with my child's.
  11. Hello MtnMom, Can you please explain how they were able to determine that it was PANS in addition to the Lyme (rather than just Lyme) Was it a test, or specific behaviors that made PANS part of the diagnosis? I am going through something similar with my kids. Thanks!
  12. Hello, I am hoping some of you can help me. I have been on a Lyme/Bart "Journey" with my 8 year old for 4 years now. From about birth to 5 years old he had what is presumed to be congenital Lyme, and had very light developmental delay/mild ASD and some body issues like low tone, tired easily. We treated in various ways, and things were tremendously improved for about 1 year he was totally normal, happy, social, curious, good natured, academically advanced. He lost any concerns of ASD by age 3. We were so relieved. Unfortunately changes happened about age 4 or 5 slowly. He seemed to develo
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