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  1. Hi, My DS is scheduled to have dental works that will require local anesthesia. I am worried about it’s impact on him because he is sensitive to preservatives and his tics get worse. In addition, anesthesia has vasoconstrictor component that is a type of hormone, which makes people excited (running high on adrenaline). So I am wondering if anyone has knowledge about the impact of anesthesia on kids with tics. thanks for sharing. LW
  2. Hi enessimsek, Have you taken any supplement in this long 18 year journey. thanks for sharing the experience. Winson
  3. Hi Tbell1, it sounds like your son eats very sugarly snack, based on lots of feedback on the discussion forum and from Sheila's book, sugar or sweets can certainly be a major trigger of tics.
  4. Hi, My son started to have tics the beginning of this summer. He had multiple tics such as shoulder, neck, hands and legs. He was ticking every second. After reading many postings on the platforms of this site and joined as an advanced member, I was able to read many useful articles about tics and OCD. It really helped me and reassured me. We have given my DS fish oil, multi vitamins and probiotics as supplements in addition to the traditional Chinese herbal medicine subscribed by a Traditional Chinese medicine doctor for a month and half now. His tics are no longer noticeable. He just started having a cold few days ago, we gave him cold medicine. It does not seem to cause flare up n his tic. Hope this gives you some reassurance.
  5. Just to add that we also put my DS on a organic food regime to reduce exposure to vegetables full of pesticide/herbicide.
  6. Hi bobh, Thanks for the reply. After reading Shiela's book on Natural treatment for TS, I started to dig into the blood test that the hospital did for my son. I found out that the strep Titer level was only at 200, which means negative for strep infection for my son. So thinking back, it was possible that the abx (penicillin) might have aggregated the tics. Anyway, since my last post, my DS' tics has improved great deal, from every second to not noticeable. In fact, my DS is telling us that he rarely has tics on a daily basis. What we have done is to give Fish Oil, multi-vitamin supplement to my son in addition to Chinese Herbal medicine drinks. We also give some probiotics to my son. Very fortunate to have found this site. People are very kind and always want to help and share information.
  7. Hi Chemar, I am new here. I am also looking into giving my son Magnesium supplement. Does Mg supplement/epson salt work for your loved one? thanks, Winson
  8. Hi Hope36 How is your daughter now? I am new here because my 8 yr-old son developed Tics about 1 1/2 months ago. On the worst days, he was ticcing every second. As a dad, I worry so much with tons of anxiety myself. I gave my son Fish Oil and some Cod Liver Oil. We also give my son herbal medicine. So far, the situation has improved some what. Tics frequency improved from every second to 2 or 3 tics a minute. Sometimes we see 10 minute tic free intervals. Following Dr. DeMare's book on Natural treatment for TS and tics, I am now doing detective work to figure out the triggers for my son's tics. I do believe that my son's tics was epigenetic and brought onset by environmental/dietary triggers. It will take time to slowly identify the triggers and then hope that there is ways to address each of the triggers. Hope that your daughter's situation has improved.
  9. I found this video to be very useful. thanks for the link.
  10. Hi Kim B, I am new here too, my DS8 also had sudden onset of tics from a month ago. He had really bad multiple focal tics with head jerking, shoulder shrugging, arm jerking, lately some thigh jerking. At the worst period, his tics were non-stop. I hope your daughter has overcame the tics since then Thank you.
  11. Hi, I am new here. Your poll gave me an idea; is there any statistics on what percentage of the patients that have PANDAS/PANS or TS was breast fed for over 3 months or more? Lwei66
  12. Hi, I am new here. My son just turned 8, he developed motor tics (shoulder, hand and head jerking) one month ago. We went to hospital and had blood test as well as throat swab. The throat swab came back negative for strep but his blood test came back with elevated strep antibodies. Doctor ordered 10 days of antibiotics. My son's tics is very frequent (multiple jerking less than every 5 seconds). Before this motor tics, we also noticed some exaggerated clearing of throat sounds couple of months before the motor tics onset. We got some coughing medicine for him at that time, and it went away, so we did not pay too much attention to it. Anyway, I have been reading postings on this site, they are very helpful. But I am at lost what needs to be done for my son's tics. Is it possible that the antibiotics prescribed by the doctor did not completely killed the strep? How can we be sure that he is now cleared of Strep? Should we do blood testing again? I also seen posting here stating that streps may hid behind tonsils which is hard to kill with antibiotics, is that true? I am worried about my son's tics and his condition. Any advice is appreciated. thanks,
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