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  1. zac315@hotmail.com if anyone wants to compare stuff or talk about this.. I have made a post on here before.. Go check it out!!
  2. This is just amazing to me... I can believe that I found this forum... I have been counting letters and adding up words in sentences for as long as I can remember.. Im 23 now and its crazy to think that ive been doing this for so long... Ive read all the other posts and realized that we all do this a little bit differently... Here is what I do.. No matter where I am or what im doing i count letters that are written and letters that are in sentences, that are said out loud.. I take those letters and have to put them in multiples of 4's until i get to a number that is large enough for me to start over, usually around 1024... Say I count the letters in the sentence, "oh my god, its a beautiful day out".. Thats 26 letters, now i need to find a a word or words that another 6 letters so that i can make it to 32... Then I Multiply it for as long as i feel like.. 32.. 64.. 128.. 256.. 512.. 1024...2048.. 4096... I also count sets of things... If i see a group of windows on a building i immedialy multiply the rows and colums quickly so that i can then multiply it by then sides to get a number.. and if that number is not a "good" number for me i have to find something that will get to me to that nice number that will make everything add up the way i want it to be... Clocks.... I automatically know that on a standard clock the number added up from 1 - 12 is 78... 12 + 11 + 10 +9......... then i take 78 x 2 = 156.. 156 / 4 is 39.... 39 minus any word that has 7 letters is 32.. But i might find a word thats 7 letters before i can minus it.. Holiday for instance.. So if its 4:45 in the afternoon that equals 13 in numbers and also 13 in letters (four Fourty Five) so thats 26 and now i need to either find a word with 6 letters to get to 32 or a word with 10 letters to subtract so i can get to 16... and then do all the multiplying for absolutly no reason other than im obsessed... I even get to the point where i will take the numbers and the words that were used with the clock... "Its gonna be around (16) 6:15 (this could be 12 in numbers, or 10 in letters) when he will arrive (16)... So its either 42 or 44.. Then finding 22 or 20 more letters to get to 64... I know this sounds very confusing and somewhat stupid but i cant help myself.. Its nonstop... Its so crazy... I can do this so fast that I have been a giant hit a some college parties.. When i was younger i remember that every street sign that i would pass i would know exactly how many letters were in it in a fraction of a second.. My dad was stunned one day when we were driving that he called a few friends and told them about it... I remember that out of all the road signs that he asked me to do i only got one wrong and that was becuase the name of the town on the sign had a very strange spelling.. I was never amazing at math in school but when it comes to this thing i feel like im a genius... Whenever me and my buddies go out to bars or dinner they ask me to do it but i now that im getting older i feel a little bit embarrassed because it feels so childish to do...
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