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  1. Hi! I just read your comment on a post about your son taking BLT Microbial balancer #1 back in 2011 and that he was doing better! My doctor just prescribed it for me for Lyme and co-infections so I was just wondering how your son is doing and how the BLT worked for him? Also did he get a lot of die off reaction from it and did he have to work up slowly on it cause I'm very sensitive to everything I take and always get die off. Lastly if it did work, how long did it take to start seeing results and at what dosage was he on when he started seeing improvements? I've been suffering with severe chronic pain for 6 years now and can't even stand for a few seconds due to the pain in my back, knees and legs. Ughhh I really hope this works! Thanks for your help in advance!!  



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