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  1. Hello again! I just responded to your response on my topic haha. If you read my reply to someone else above on that same post you'll see me talk about how I used to be terrified that I would develop psychosis. Depersonalization/derealization is anxiety and you are not going crazy, I promise. My fear of going crazy went away once I started taking a high dose of zoloft for OCD. It may be something you need to come to terms with on your own rather than people telling you that you are not going crazy. I know that no matter how many times someone told me it was just OCD, just denationalization, the
  2. Thank you all for your responses, I am so glad to have found this support outlet. I apologize for my delayed response. I'm responding to each of your posts below in pink
  3. Would love to connect if you still check this!
  4. Hi there. I'm a 24 year old undergraduate student. I've struggled with OCD and ADHD since childhood, but ~two years ago new symptoms appeared and the severity spiked, all very suddenly, and I've been basically non-functional since. Looking for other students to talk to for support. It's been difficult for me to find anyone who can relate to what I'm going through, especially near my age. I am currently in my 7th (yes, 7th) year of undergrad. I received one degree, but I am going for something completely different now. However, I'm struggling, and I don't know if I should keep trying, tak
  5. Hello! I have had two short (both lasted no more than a few days) but severe depersonalization episodes, both of which were induced by marijuana use. The second one was due to accidental-ingestion (I learned my lesson the first time) and I actually ended up in the ER because it was so scary. It's probably the most difficult thing to try to explain. I sometimes experience much milder and more brief episodes during times of extreme anxiety. It helps me to remember that it is "just" anxiety and it WILL end. The best thing you can do is not think about it, which I know seems impossible, but you ca
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