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  1. My son was diagnosed with PANDAS when he was 3yo, and now meets criteria for Tourette. Have no idea how we've gotten to this point, since his PANDAS episodes were becoming less frequent and we were observing less extreme behavior change. Have also seen what we now think is AD/HD over the last several months (as yet not formally diagnosed). Have started Vayarin recently (<2 weeks), so not sure yet what benefits, if any, we might see, but I'm now concerned that others have seen their kids' tics get worse while taking it! (Yours is not the only post claiming worsening tics.) We have experi
  2. Anybody else's kid start with a dx of PANDAS at a young age and now meets criteria for TS? My son was dx with PANDAS at 2-3, after a months-long strep infection that refused to die until we had done 3 different oral abx, abx shots, and a tonsillectomy. Classic sudden-onset tics, OCD, anorexia, crazy behavior. We thought he was growing out of it (less frequent episodes, with less extreme behavior.) But now he's 8, and his (mild) tics have been present on and off for about a year, and in hindsight I've realized that what is likely AD/HD started creeping in last fall (yet to get an official
  3. In my albeit somewhat limited experience, psych evals are all very similar regardless of the underlying cause/dx, in that the psychologist/psychiatrist will ask some general questions to try to focus his her efforts into certain areas (eg. does the kid sound like s/he has AD/HD? OCD? Anxiety? etc.) and then complete evaluations specific to those potential diagnoses to see if your child meets criteria. Pretty standard stuff. My frustration at this point is with how MD/PhDs are proposing to treat my son, who got a diagnosis of PANDAS at age 2/3, but now meets criteria for Tourette because his
  4. I realize I'm late to the party on this one, but only just officially joined the site and am searching through community posts for others with similar questions/issues. Came across yours, Mummadragon, and have to respond... (although I recognize that you've probably made progress since then). My story: son dx of PANDAS at 2/3 (now 8). Spent several years alternately trying to keep him strep free (tough, since exposure alone was enough to provoke PANDAS episode) and filling him with abx to deal with actual strep infection. Thought he was growing out of it, as his attacks became less fre
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