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  1. Thank you Bobh for replying! I figured I'd give you a snapshot of our story just to elaborate : I have two boys 10 and 9. 10 year old was extremely active as a toddler and aggressive / sensory seeking. He was a normal baby but changed around age 15 months. He was finally diagnosed with ADHD and sensory at age 5 and we worked with a nutritionist (Kelly Dorfman) on his diet (we lived in Bethesda) and a therapist/OT too and he had a good last year of preschool and seemed to start growing out of his behaviors. As he grew older his aggression lessened but he did have a throat clearing tic and as
  2. My son who is 9 has had dilated pupils and light sensitivity for years. We recently had him tested for PANDAS and Gus strep titers were elevated. It's interesting that seratonin causes pupil dilation. He's been on Prozac (which raises sersronon) for several months but we are taking him off because his rage episodes have gotten so frequent. Seratonin seems to be an issue with him and sounds to be true for many PANDAS kids. He's been on meds for ADHD for years but now wondering if he instead has PANDAS and possibly a mood disorder.
  3. Hi- this is my first post on this forum though I've been reading and following to try to figure out the puzzle of my my son's behaviors. He's 9 and was diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety, and sensory processing disorder with a neuopsych when he was 6 though behaviors had been around for many years starting around age 2. He was also diagnosed with Periodic Limb Movement Disorder at age 6 after a sleep study. Recently he has shown new "tic" behaviors like repeating swear words words over and over (under his breath) and making repetitive sounds. We are seeing a new doctor and he ordered a test for
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