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  1. Thanks. Our pediatrician was not sure. She was going to start him on the therapy since our PANDAS specialist was hesitant to but she was not sure what the preferred dosing or over what period of time. What dosing has your child been on?
  2. Has anyone used Turmeric in place of naproxen or ibuprofen as a natural alternative for an anti-inflammatory and if so did you find it beneficial?
  3. Our son is allergic to penicillin so cannot use that for the long-term antibiotic therapy. Is there anyone who has done the long-term therapy using Zithromax? Out PANDAS specialist wants to jump to IVIG but after everything I've read about it including the mixed results with it, makes me very hesitant to make that the next step. Our son not only is allergic to Augmentin and Cephlasporins but he had an allergic reaction the IV steroid therapy and could not even complete that. I am more than a little apprehensive about trying the IVIG without attempting the Zithromax therapy since he can tolerate Zithromax. Any input appreciated.
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