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  1. Hi. Any luck or new advice on this one? I have a 7 year old who started his tics about 4 years ago (I have chronicled with videos). They mostly occur when eating! They also seem to be seasonal - starting in August, stopping around December/January, although now in June, we are noticing again. It has been 4 years of this. Currently, it is the worst when he eats something super yummy - like a lollipop or gummies but it has always been with all foods. Now when he eats a lollipop, he scrunches his eyes so tight the whole time - it seems painful. Also happens with gummies and icecream but happens with food in general and to a lesser extent at other times. Now, I am a nutrition fanatic - and my son eats 90% healthy (all whole grains - oats/rice/whole wheat bread, all nuts/seeds, eggs/turkey, veggies, fruits, dairy) but I do give him a small treat each day. When he was 3 it was a sniffle eye twitch cough combo - which became kind of hard to bear. It was only noticeable at school for a week or so this year and again, is mainly at meals with all foods. It does seem to come for 6 months and then leave. We finally saw a neurologist after 4 years who just confirmed what I knew. He eats the same diet throughout the year - so I have a hard time believing it could be gluten or dairy. He drinks a lot of plain kefir with honey. He eats tons of seeds/nuts and other foods with magnesium. I have logged the first episode when he was 3 - in April 2013 - over a year after we had been in our house so I don't think it would be a mold issue. It is still fairly minor and easy enough to ignore although he now notices that he needs to scrunch his eyes so tight. Thoughts? Any luck with acupuncture?
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