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  1. Thank you for your response and encouragement! It gives me hope. We were on the fence about the Cunningham panel due to cost but if it is positive (and it should be), it sounds that would work greatly in our favor in getting treatment approved.
  2. Hello. We have 6 children with lyme and co-infections. 3 have PANS. I am seeking advice for our 16 yo ds. We think his PANS symptoms began around age 3 1/2 yo (positive bull's eye rash at 2 1/2 yo w/only an 8 day course of antibiotics.) His prrimary symptoms until his teens were OCD and learning issues. He was never formally diagnosed; we've put it all together within the last year after his sister had successfull treatment for an eating disorder with IV antibiotics. Fast forward to now, he has major rages and still can't learn. Super high anxiety and OCD in the need to cont
  3. I'm sorry to hear this. You can contact your local lyme advocacy group as you will need a lyme literate md (llmd) or an ILADS trained md to treat him. Also, mdjunction has a lyme forum and you can ask for help there. I would also recommend the perusing the ILADS website for their treatment guidelines (includes other tick born infections besides and reviewing the Buhner Protocal (herb based treatment.) Many llmds will use a combo of antibx and herbs. Last, when you find your llmd, ask if they know a lyme literate psychiatrist. Amy
  4. Hello, all. I joined the forum today and skimmed messages for our issue. I have a 17 yo daughter who is positive for lyme, bartonella, and babeisia. She is in treatment for those as of April and also has an eating disorder that she began treatment for in September of 2016. I am desperate to connect with anyone who has had the two illnesses as her ed psychiatrist does not believe that she has the tick infections and she is herxing bad (increased eating disorder and other symptoms.) Decreasing the antibx will not stop the restriction cycly. Her llmd does not fully understand the eating
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