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  1. It’s strange I just feel so highly sensitive and anything seems to set it off that is remotely stimulating. And it just seems to be getting harder, I can’t remember the last time it felt better or plateaued.
  2. No, no illness really. Though I did travel to Nepal the Summer before and get a little bit of a stomach sickness, but that was maybe 6-8 months prior. I’ve moved back to Canada now as I didn’t feel I was getting the support I needed in London, but things seem to still just be getting progressively worse. I don’t know why. I’m trying to watch my diet, etc. And am in CBIT therapy and attempting medications now.
  3. Hi all, So my name is Martin, I’m 28 and dealing with TS-like symptoms. I wanted to share my specific story as sometimes it feels a bit different from the usual story so am wondering if this sounds ‘normal’ or a strange onset and experience. For me I never had any tics or anything at all when I was young. According to my Mom I did do this lick-lipping thing for a few months but that stopped completely (not even sure if that was a tic). Anyway nothing at all until I move to London, UK (I was born in Canada) - got into a serious relationship, left everything behind, and for the f
  4. Hey all. Like many I notice my symptoms get aggravated when using electronics and specifically looking at screens (phone, tv, etc.). Sooo, this is has kind of had me avoiding watching TV or films much at all (which I miss so much, as a trained actor!!). I’m wondering if there is a loop hole here. What about buying a projector for home and playing films off DVD format on a blank wall? I think maybe a passive image on a wall might be a lot less visually stimulating than screens. Does anyone have an experience with this or any knowledge or leads? Any other loop holes or advice
  5. Hi all, Name is Martin, 28 years old and currently seeing a neurological naturopath & recieving some therapy (fingers crossed). In the meantime, I’m finding a challenge with something. Things have gotten progressively more difficult over the last several years, lots of stresses too like moving back home, ending a relationship, etc. However for the longest time during my experience of these TS symptoms, I have had this battle within between two polar opposites within me. On one hand there is this little-boy like energy that wants to play and express and stimulate with things
  6. Hello all! I’m just wondering if anyone has any experience of incense smoke or incense ever being a help or a hindrance? Burning incense is an important part of my spiritual ritual and I would love to keep doing so, but am always unsure whether or not the fragrance (albeit natural) could aggravate symptoms? I could see how something like perfume or chemicals could cause trouble. To be honest, the environmental possibilities have caused me a lot of worry rather than relief! So I make many things an enemy when they probably are not...! I hope that is the case here.
  7. Sheila, Thank you kindly for all of your help. I'm reading your book as well and it has proven to be very inspiring and helpful. So much thanks to all you have done for this community. With regards to my question about trigger effect time, it seems it will be difficult to really get to the source of it without just cutting everything out and starting from scratch (I remember a case in your book where a boy was on a spring water fast of 5 days and then introduced foods one by one). However, I'm wondering, would it still be clear if I say, cut out just top allergens like dairy and wheat fo
  8. Hello all! I'm just beginning my journey into investigating environmental triggers for my tics and such. I've started a food journal/trigger journal and was wondering about how long these things can take to affect? For example, when allergic to a food that may cause a reaction, would this be instantaneous, or could it take time? I'm asking because if I keep a journal it will be hard to tell if corn takes 4 hours and chocolate takes 1 minute! What are your experiences with this? Also if anyone can comment on chemicals, fragrances, dust etc. Thank you kindly!!
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