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  1. MomwithOCDson: Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I have read numerous posts of yours and you are very knowledgeable on this subject matter! If I may ask: Did you have PANDAS as the primary DX for your son? Did you provide all documentation of diagnosis for the school? I have only provided a DX from the psych as well as recommendations that enabled the 504. I am not sure about releasing medical records (psych hx,etc.) because HIPPA is far from perfect and the whole 'let us see how you got to this dx',etc. gives me great pause. Again, points of view on this subject matter a
  2. I could really use some input (brand new here). DS (7) was diagnosed by a neuropsychiatrist with PANS this past summer. With a letter from the M.D. I was able to secure a 504 (OHI). 1st semester went well, dsl was notably inattentive but received all A's. Second semester he had flu and attentiveness started declining. In 504 it is written to allow for breaks,extended test times,etc. He still managed to get A's/B's but attentiveness was still an issue. School now wants to do an evaluation for possible iep. I am seriously wandering whether or not to move forward with an evaluation. School distri
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