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  1. Hi there, I have been looking into the various magnesium offerings, and am a little concerned on which is the right product to use on a 7 year old boy. The sulfate Epsom salts in bath appears what most of you have used, but for topical application would a chloride cream or oil be ok or, I see there is also a sulfate based cream. I also see a product with chloride bath flakes. Thanks Vittorio
  2. Hello, thanks for the information. I am actually bi-lingual was raised in UK and now live in Italy. Mammina, Appreciate your assistance - in Italy as you know it's the most forward thinking We performed some blood tests before starting antibiotics, looking for anti dnas-B , looking for any strep infections both the culture and bloods all turned up negative, whilst waiting for results phase, we administered anti biotic augmentin as suggested by the neurologist. We are supplementing with multivitamins solgar cangurini and for omega 3 solgar pesciolini Saw neurologist yesterd
  3. Thanks again for the reply. I have had also Amino Acid urine analysis work completed however not too sure who would be best equipped in reading the results the paediatrician was not sure what to do with them and gave me the name of a Genetics professor - do you know if such a professional would be able to help? Referring to some US websites, I think I am seeing some values in this amino acid results for Gastro Intestine too high. I will have to go see a gastroenterologist probably next, maybe we have a leaky gut. Do you know of anyone I could contact in the US who could help understand t
  4. Hi Chemar, thanks for replying. My son did have vocal tics back in Feb/Mar - they appear to have gone even when he's watching the TV they have possibly disappeared. I will monitor this with more attention - what do you think the vocal tic could indicate Chemar? Last night the neurologist basically said "they are tics we don't know where they come from, they will wax and wane and will disappear - to wait 1 year" - basically he told me what I expected he'd say. Next add multivitamin/nutrients and see if that helps. Thanks Vittorio
  5. Hello, I am writing from Italy - I have purchased the hardback copy of your wonderful work. My 7 year old son has started with tics. The motor tics are moving from neck, hands, face, tongue. This has been ongoing for 2 months. The Strep cultures are negative and does not look like a PANDAS. I have met a neuro psychiatrist and a neurologist next week. I'm having so many sleepless nights since this has started. The content in the book and site is overwhelming but fantastic. In Italy there is resistance from the medical world in approaching TICS with these methods. So far I've chan
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