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  1. Maybaby I am looking for a pediatric llmd. How did things go with Dr. Demio? Does he treat with a combination of antibiotics and supplements?
  2. PANDASnetwork.org is requesting input from families on our experiences with PANS/PANDAS. The results will be anonymous and PANDASnetwork is going to present the results at the Common Threads conference next week. It's a quick multiple choice type questionnaire. If interested it needs to be filled out by this Friday 3-2-18. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PN_CommonThreads
  3. Have you had your HVAC system or house checked for mold? Our son is allergic to some of the common indoor and outdoor household molds. We are suspicious that this is a trigger for him.
  4. Hi Alsmom, I am looking for an immunologist for my PANS child. Would you recommend the first one that you went to who suggested ivig? Is he/she PANS/PANDAS friendly?
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