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  1. I have read that adults cannot have PANDAS, as it is a pediatric disease, but I am wondering if I could not have had PANDAS as a child that went untreated. I am currently in my mid-20s and have been treated for OCD for some time now. My parents report that I was bubbly, carefree, and joyful until the age of 4, when overnight, I became unconsolably anxious and irritable. My parents also recall that this was in fact after a strep infection. My mother was concerned about this sudden change in temperament, which included tantrums, obsessive fear of upsetting others, extreme internalization of others' commentary/criticism, an inability to handle the anticipation of events, sensory overstimulation (hating the feeling of tights and certain fabrics to the point that I could not get dressed, being unable to handle loud noises (if people raised their voices or a room was too full, I would feel as if the world was spinning and cover my ears and cower), extreme perfectionism, and general fear/panic. The pediatrician assured her that the tantrums were a normal phase of child development and that I'd outgrow the other behaviors. Unfortunately, the symptoms did not go away. I had strep multiple times, and because of a high pain tolerance, rarely let on that I was really sick until it had progressed. Once, around the age of 7, my strep throat had progressed into scarlet fever before I started any antibiotics. It wasn't until I reached my teens that I was diagnosed with OCD. Then years later, someone mentioned PANDAS, and I shrugged it off. Now, I'm wondering if I had this as a chid and unfortunately didn't catch it in time to prevent damage to the basal ganglia. If this is possible, is it worth trying to see an expert? Is there anything I should/can do? Thank you so much.
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