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  1. Thank you so much for the replies! My son's pediatrician is not an expert in PANDAS or Lyme but was aware enough and willing enough to know to test for them. He is also open to the information that I bring in to him. I don't know how this happened but the lab drawing the blood( in CA) somehow messed up and did not get all of the blood vials to Medical Diagnostics Lab on the east coast. The ped. did order testing for co-infections, but Erlichia chaffeenis(HME) & Anaplasma phagocytophila(HGE) by Real-Time PCR and Babesia WA1 by Real-Time PCR also from MDL were not completed due to the "lost" vial. I find Medical Diagnostics Labs results very confusing, they report that my son does not have Lyme. The portion of results we did receive were Lyme Disease( B.burgdoferi)DNA by Real-Time PCR - Negative Lyme disease Western blot(IgM/IgG) IgM( no bands present, but band 34 was 42% of their control band) IgG(they only count band 41 as positive(244%), but bands 18,93,66,58,39 and 34 are all btwn 35-55% of their cut off band( which needs to reach 60% to be considered positive). Bartonella henselae IgG/IgM by ELISA -Negative Babesia microtiiGG/IgM by ELISA - Negative I don't understand how the control band comes into play and how a band can only be considered positive if it reaches the intensity of 60% of the control band? Would someone without Lyme show any intensity on any of these bands or would they be a total zero%? My son definitely fits the PANDAS description( tested positive for rapid swab strep test twice and has strep antibodies and mycoplasma antibodies) He had a sudden onset in April 2017 when he had strep. This began his extreme urinary frequency, rages, defiance, sensory issues( shirt biting) and getting more wild as the day goes on. He previously was a happy, sweet, playful boy and these behaviors did not exist! Thank you again!
  2. My 5 year old son's( with PANDAS/Mycoplasma) Dr. ordered Lyme testing through Medical Diagnostics Lab. I am finding the results of the test difficult to interpret. The Dr. says my son is negative for Lyme. He had a "positive" band 41(244%), but band 93(55%) would have been considered positive if it were only 5% higher. This lab says bands presented must have an intensity greater or equal to 60% of the cut off control band. His other bands were around 38% and not considered positive. Does anyone have any insight into how to interpret this!? Thank you so much!
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