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  1. Thank you frikfrak for your reply! We really are concerned about having our toddler have to undergo the standard IVIg, but we don't want to waste time with subcutaneous either. Thanks again for sharing your experience!
  2. Hi there, My four year old son has PANS and we were told by his immunologist that he will need IVIg. We got a 2nd opinion and were told that subcutaneous IVIg (SCIg) is the better route to go because it has less negative side effects but just as effective as standard IVIg. Our immunologist said SCIg is not as effective as standard IVIg in his experience. Anyone have any experience with SCIg? Good or bad? Thanks!
  3. Hi there, We have an appt. for our son next month with Dr. Rao for suspected PANS. Anyone have any experience working with Dr. Rao? Any information whether its positive or negative would be appreciated. We live in the Austin area and haven't been able to find specialists here, so Dr. Rao in Plano is our best bet at this point. Any feedback would be helpful! Thanks!
  4. Hi there, does anyone know of a PANS/PANDAS Doctor in San Antonio Texas? We live in Austin but haven't found a doctor here - so curious if anyone has had any success with a specialist in San Antonio. Any info or resources would be appreciated! Thanks!
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