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  1. Just when I thought we are out of deep woods, my DS7 had a major rage tonight. He was laughing maniacally while we were trying to film him (to show to the doctor). Once he figured it out, he went mad. Anyone out there experience these maniacal loughs?
  2. I am so sorry to hear that. Living 24/7 with this syndrome is everything but easy. Stay strong and know you are not alone.
  3. Thanks all for responses! I think our next step is to test for lyme (full igenix panel) via our naturopath. We are day 6 on Augmentin (had 7 days of Bactrim prior to Augmentin). Would Augmentin help with Lyme too? We are seeing improvement. Thankfully rages and severe irritability seem to be gone for now. However, he is still making facial grimaces, rolling his eyes, sticking his tongue (out on a side), laughing out (almost too much), talking gibberish. All these symptoms are on and off. There are times he is himself and then symptoms just start and I can't stop him. No matter how many tim
  4. Thanks a lot for your responses. My DS seizure was major. He could not lift his head, nor to move his eyes. Was unresponsive. It lasted for over 15-20 min which is when he was given IV seizure meds to slow down his brain. The docs believe it was caused by high blood pressure but are not certain. How do we test for lyme? Can our GP order those tests?
  5. We are new to PANS/PANDAS. After weeks of research I'm certain my 7 yr old son is in PANS/PANDAS flare. 18 months ago he started having frequent urination (day/night) that would come and go for no reason. He also had bet wetting. Our GP did all possible tests and discovered nothing. He's always had poor gut health and gluten/diary intolerance. Late Oct 2016 he had a strep throat (clinical diagnoses). Throat swab was never taken. Mid Nov we noticed him making facial grimaces, licking his mouth (red ring around mouth was there), super irritable, pupils dilated on and off. He also became very hyp
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