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  1. Hello,

    I found your old post and I hope you can reply.... We are also suspecting leaky gut because we have candida in the stool. Did you do any specific supplements for leaky gut and how long did it took to heal? Any specific tests?

    Thank you so much!


  2. Hello, Does anyone try LDA for tics?
  3. Thank you for response...I hope I will get used to live with this... and hope it gets better. Life seems so different to me...I am avoiding children birthday parties, shows , vacations with friends...not sure how to manage this....In my mind I know some people have more problems than this and things can be worse than this but my heart is still in pain. All those treatments are overwhelming and it takes so long to try something new every time and wait for the results... Thank you for support!
  4. Hello, Can anyone suggest any alternative/integrative allergist or doctor in NYC. I google a few but they want thousands and thousands of dollars for consultation and testing....and how to understand who is really good? anyone has an experience with a particular doctor? I am willing to travel around NY area Thank you so much! p.s. I am so overwhelmed with all the possible treatments and supplements available...
  5. My 6 yo have tics for over a year. It was very mild and recently got much worse after varicella vaccine ( started to have vocal). We started candida diet and it got very bad first week. Then I started to see improvments and was thinking we are on right track. But it getting worse again so I am loosing my hope...we went to two different doctors and one ordered comprehensive stool and another one blood work. We are waiting for results but I am just loosing hope...I wanted to ask if other people see ups and downs while on the diet or it was sustained improvment. Thank you
  6. Hello, I just want to know from parents who start diet/supplements and other therapies if they were successful? Sometimes I feel that traditional medicine is right and it's just wax and wane symptoms and there is not much to do....I am just so tired to watch and hope that it will go away or get better...
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