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    Joyle got a reaction from Latifa in Where to find Clerodendrum Inerme extract?   
    Hi everyone, Yes, the plant Clerodendrum inerme does work to reduce tics and other comorbids very effectively.  We have discovered it doesn't work for everyone but it has helped many. The Facebook group is called Natural Care for Tics and Tourettes.  There are lengthy discussions there about this plant which we have nicknamed cleo. It can be taken as a green juice or in capsules after dehydrating and powdering the leaves or as a tincture or as a homeopathic remedy.  The only restriction  is you will need to source the plant and grow it in a pot or your own backyard. The safety profile of the plant is exemplary.  Please also do your own research to satisfy yourselves  .... there is a wealth of information about Clerodendrum inerme  on the Internet.
    Kind regards, Joy
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    Hi Joyle, yes I am in Australia and I do...
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    Joyle reacted to moose_man22 in Medicinal cannabis / CBD oil?   
    Hi sahm, is the Charlotte's web oil hemp oil or CBD/cannabis oil do you know? reason I ask is that you can get Charlotte's web oil in Australia online. However, you cannot legally buy CBD oil legally in Australia yet, so I am wondering if it is hemp seed oil?
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    Joyle reacted to Juwayriyah in Where to find Clerodendrum Inerme extract?   
    Hi Everyone. I just had to sign up to this forum to let you all know that Clerodendrum inerme has dramatically helped my sons tics .It is truly a miracle plant! We live in South Africa and I sent my husband to India in 2012 to source the plant which now grows as a bush in our yard. My sons tics began at age 3 (started with eye blinking, shoulder shrugging, got worse and worse...etc.) After years of research and tears,our prayers to Allah were answered when I came across the study on Clerodendrum Inerme for tics. My son is 10 years old now. And a 'normal' little boy in every way.We dehydrate the leaves, grind them fine and put the powder into capsules . We used to liquidize the leaves with water and strain, but he could not handle the bitterness. Right from the first dose there was a major improvement. In the beginning I would give him the juice twice a week, then once a week , then once a month. He can now tolerate all kinds of foods that were once forbidden. He will have 2-3 capsules every 2-3 months or so when I notice he is stressed about something or has gone overboard on junk food. A day later and he is fine again. I promised that if the plant worked I would share this amazing information and I pray for all the children and parents that you derive benefit from it.
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