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  1. Dear all, My DS 15 has been on Klaire Labs probiotics for five years. We switched to Renew Life couple months ago and noticed his OCD reduced and softer stool. However, I just found out Renew Life Formulas has been cited for Prop 65 violations. Please share good probiotics with other brands. My son needs to take 200 billion each day as he is on two antibiotics. Thank you in advance!
  2. Probiotics recommendation

    Thanks for all of your sharing! Happy Holidays!
  3. Uncontrollable yelling! Is it yeast flare? My DS 14 tested negative to Lyme but has Bartonella rashes on his body. He has been on Zithromax for 3 months and Rifampin for 2.5 months. His OCD slightly reduced and sleeping seems little better. He even used more words than before (He is ASD with language delay issue). However, his rage and anxiety are still at the same level, screaming, hitting, yelling…. He started Japanese Knotweed and Curcumin (both herbs treat inflammation) three weeks ago. He constantly makes more non-verbal yelling, talks less, and has some tiny rashes (skin color) on his arm. His yelling is really uncontrollable and bothers everyone who around him. Moreover, he is MUCH sensitive to sounds than before. He covers his ears immediately when people around him just start to talk with normal voice. Is it a symptom of yeast? I feel something missed but don’t know what it is. Did anyone have experience with antibiotics and herbs combo protocol? Your sharing may help me. Thank you in advance!
  4. My DS 14 (Also ASD with language delay) started Azithromycin and Ceftin on July 23, 2017, added Rifampin August 13, 2017. He did herx but we notice small changes. Positive: (1) Better sleeping, (sooner to fall asleep and didn’t wake up frequently). (2) Rage slightly reduced in week 3—5. (3) OCD slightly reduced in week 5. (4) Speaks something new (never or seldom said before). Negative: (1) Started to yell loudly and make uncontrollable noise rather than using words in week 5 without reasons. Had more frequently outbursts and worst happened before bed time. (broke the switch and outlet on the wall by hitting and hit everyone who tried to touch him). (2) More enuresis symptom. Complained his “finger/nail hurt” again. My son got all negative lab results (blood test) for both Lyme (Only IgG P41 and IgG P39 “Present Abnormal”.) and Bartonella although he has obvious Bart symptoms and Bart rashes (purple stripes) on his body. Our LLND didn’t want to continue providing the combo antibiotics without positive lab results. She wanted to do a urine test after a provocation protocol. It needs to stop all three abx for four weeks, then Day 1—Rocephin (shot) Day 2—5 Suprax , doxycycline and Tindamax. (oral) My son stopped antibiotics on 9/15, one week ago. (1) His rage immediately became double worse on the same day (uncontrollable hitting everything included me and screaming loud). (2) Complained that he has headache and feel sick. (3) OCD and difficult sleeping came back: Repeating the same routine over and over before bed time, constantly walked to my room and asked the same questions over and over before falling asleep and middle of the night. Took much longer to fall asleep and woke up very early. (4) He got cold and has had runny nose, cough and headache for three days. (He was not easy to get cold in past years.) (5) Continuing frequently ask for restroom every where. He is VERY miserable and his rage sometimes is out of control! He has to grab and pinch my hands/fingers although I yelled “it is hurt”. Damaged the shutter, and switch on the wall. He hit me like hit furniture. I’m unable to handle it because he is taller and stronger than me. My broken heart has more pain than the bruises on my arms he hit! We have worked with this clinic for six months and this is my son’s first combo antibiotics.(Spent too much time to do a lot of and repeated lab tests in first a few months) The LLND has mentioned if my son showed quicker regression after stopping the combo abx, it is a sign of Bartonella. It the regression come slowly, it may be Lyme. She didn’t tell what is the sign if my son has both Lyme and Bartonella. It looks like my son has obvious Bartonella. Should we continue the combo abx with switch one of them (I believed that my son didn’t respond well to Ceftin but ok with Zith and Rifampin? I cannot image and really concern what will happen if his “near crazy” rage continue for FOUR weeks! Any input/advices will be appreciated!
  5. Hi, Please share if any of you have had positive or negative experience with one or more of the treatments below. Medical Ozone, Nutritional Infusions, LDA/ LDI, Botanical medicine, Oral Micronutrient therapy German biologicals. Thank you!
  6. My DS 14 has been on Azithromycin and Ceftin for 7 weeks and on Rifampin for 4 weeks. I did NOT see the real improvement on rage, OCD and anxiety. His behavior even becomes worse. Screaming, hitting, more enuresis even hit me and others. His rage really becomes uncontrollable. More enuresis symptom. He cannot stop to ask for restroom anywhere and any time! The only positive thing is he trying to speak little more, and his brain seems little clearer but it is not consistent. (He is also autistic with language delay). He started to bite his nail 2.5 years ago. I first time saw the parasite look worms in his stool three weeks ago! Does this relate to Babesia? He has Bartonella rashes on his body although the Igx blood result was negative. I heard some positive feedbacks about Bactrim. Does it work for patients who have Lyme, Bartonella and Babesia at the same time? I feel he didn’t benefit to Ceftin. He started to have loose stool when started Ceftin. Can Bactrim replace Ceftin? Thank you in advance!
  7. My DS 14 is on forth week with Zithromax and Ceftin, and the first week on Rifampin. He has had loose stool on Day 2 with Ceftin and still has it but not every day. He is taking 200 billion probiotics. I didn’t notice obvious changes but his rage seems slight decrease although he still has outburst. His OCD stays on the same level with lots of repeating. Still constantly asks for restroom everywhere. Sleeping seems little better. He had tantrums on Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4 when added Rifampin. Screaming and hitting came back. But he tried to use his words little more (He is also ASD with language delay) and even sang the music notes when was playing piano. How often rotate/change combination antibiotics (three for each regimen) will get best benefit? Six weeks? Eight weeks? If a combination will work effectively, how long should be expected to see the progress after herx? How can I figure out if regressions or new symptoms are herxs or abx intolerances? Many thanks!
  8. Hi parents, My DS 14 has been on Klaire lab digestive enzyme for 5 years How often rotate enzymes is best for gut? Please share some good brand enzymes, which are free of glute, dairy, yeast, sugar and soy. Thank you in advance!
  9. My DS14 started his first abx, Zithromax at end of May for three weeks. I noticed he gained weight a month later. He started the first combination abx (Zithromax and Certin) four days ago. His tummy looks bloating a lot in the a few days. He did not eat extra but instead ate less at meal time (still needs 3-4 snacks each day). His loose/watery stool started on day 2 on the combination abx and still continues today. What does this symptom mean? Do antibiotics cause weight gain? Any advices will be appreciated!
  10. So,your son actually took 2 capsules for Sach b, and also two capsules Renew Life Ultamate Flora? Once you were done for abx, how many billion for each probiotic you gave to him? Thanks a lot!
  11. Thanks for the great sharing/ advice! How many billion Sach b and how many billon Renew life (Is the one with Extra Care?) for the total 200 billon? Thank you!
  12. My DS 14 started his first combination antibiotics two weeks ago. He is on Azithromycin and Ceftin. Since he added Liver GI Detox (brand: Pure encapsulations) per the recommendation from his ND four days ago, his repeated talking and OCD thinking significantly increased! He asked for going to restroom Every a few seconds! He seems have more severe odd behaviors. For example, he insisted asking for restroom at Whole Foods Market after we left there and got home. He actually did go to the restroom many times when we were shopping at Whole Foods. Although I responded him "all done Whole Foods, we're home now", "next time we can go again", 100 times, he still kept asking and got really upset even had outburst! He always asked the restroom at the places we were gone, and insisted that he wanted to use the restrooms at a bank or a park there is NO a restroom there. He also has to do all unnecessary things repeatedly for EACH step before going to bed. (This issue is not new but became worse) 1. Had to ask for drinking water 5--6 times. After I sent the water bottle to his bedroom, having him to come to kitchen in the downstairs to drink or even leaving the water bottle on the counter at the hall way when I was taking shower, he still came out of his bedroom and kept asking for water when I was wash dishes.... 2. He had to get a bandage for one of his fingers that has no bleeding or hurt. 3. He had to change his underwear 2-3 times after he changed although it was clean. He takes this Liver GI Detox with 200 billion probiotics, multivitamins and Catechola Calm in the afternoon. Don’t know why it made such reactions to him. Moreover, he started to have loose/watery stool on Day 2 with Ceftin and it still continues. No other changes so far. Any advices will be appreciated!
  13. What was the reason that your child took mix probiotics but not single one? Was it recommended by your doctor? Thanks!
  14. My DS 14 started Zithromax and Ceftin three days ago. This is his first run with combination abx. Our LLND also increased probiotics to 200 billion per day (My boy only took 25 billion in past five years). Note: My DS is allergic to Amoxicillin! --Day 1: No obvious change but the stool seemed softer than before. --Day2: --His stool became loose and kind of watery. (not very watery, not sure if it should be considered diarrhea) --The odor of the stool was extremely MILD and is big different smell than his stool before (In past years, his stool usually had very strong odor that can still be smelled for 1—2 hours after it was gone by flush the toilet) Is the loose/watery stool an allergy symptom that he cannot tolerate Ceftin? (He had NO such reaction when first time took Zithromax in June so it is not from Zith) He took the two antibiotics with other supplements include multivitamins (only apart 10-15 minutes. I have moved these supplements to afternoon today). --Is it possible that the watery stool was caused by the possible interaction with antibiotics and vitamins especially B12 that may impair the efforts of the antibiotic to kill the source of the infection? 3. Is it probably because his dose of probiotic increased too much on one day? He got another watery stool in 10—15 minutes after taking 200 billion probiotic yesterday afternoon. -- I called the clinic and the LLND recommended increasing dose of the probiotic and continue Ceftin for couple more days. But I felt something not correct in my instinct. Any input/advice will be appreciated!
  15. Thanks for asking. No, it still continues after two weeks! He is taking 200 billion probiotics daily.
  16. Hi, I'm looking for a compounding pharmacy that can make dye free antibiotics in North California in Bay Area. Please share if you have used any one and have had good experience with. Thank you in advance!
  17. Thanks for this information. Did you try any medicines they made with good results?
  18. Thanks everyone for the sharing/ advice! My son actually has taken probiotics (Klaire Labs - Ther-Biotic Complete 25 billion) for 5-6 years. Our LLND recommended 200 billon per day during the combination abx. So, he is taking Klaire Labs Ther-Biotic Factor 6 (100 billion) 2 capsules a day. But his loose/watery stool still continues (today is day 5). It usually came out after taking the probiotics 15 to 30 minutes. Not sure if this is not right probiotics for him or the dose increased too quickly and too much! (jumped from 25 billions to 200 in one day). How many billions did your kids take daily? MomWithOCDSon: Does sachromycces boulardi contain dairy and gluten ingredients? My son is allergic to them. Which brand are you using? mama2alex: I saw Custom Probiotics adult formula from amazon. Thinking it may be not the one you give to your child. Would you please send me the link or full name of the one you are taking? Thanks a lot!
  19. My DS14 started Zithromax and Ceftin three days ago. Rifampin will be added to his combination abx this weekend. I found out it is a red capsule. Since my son is very sensitive to any artificial ingredients, I’m trying to find a dye free Rifampin. A compound pharmacy can make it but my insurance won’t cover it at all. It is hard to work if he needs to take Rifampin more than three months. It costs $250 for 30 capsules. Does anyone know if dye free Rifampin in the market? Are many other antibiotics for Lyme/Bartonella treatment also made with dyes? For example. Bactrim, Doxy, tinidazole …..? Thank you in advance!
  20. I heard many good feedbacks about Bactrim and really considered adding it to my son's combine abx. However, I found out that people who have MTHFR mutation cannot take Bactrim. My DS was tested heterozygous for MTHFR C677T and negative for A1298C, which may effect folate metabolism to 35%. Just wondered if anyone else with MTHFR issues take Bactrim without problems? Thank you!
  21. Bactrim and MTHFR mutation

    Thanks for the sharing. 1. Did your child take Bactrim also for treating Bartonella? 2. How much progresses have you seen in the combination with Bactrim? 3. How many abx runs you did include Bactrim? Thank you!
  22. Bactrim and MTHFR mutation

    jan251, Thanks for the sharing. It is an encouragement ! 1. Did your child take Bactrim for treating Bartonella? 2. How much progresses have you seen in the combination with Bactrim? 3. How many abx runs you did include Bactrim? Thank you!
  23. My DS14 is having uncontrollable rage, anxiety and OCD and was found Bartonella rashes on his body. The rashes spread to other positions by the days. My LLND just prescribed Zithromax, Suprax (she mentioned it is an alternative to amoxicillin/penicillin, which my DS is allergic to) and Rifampin today. Zithromax and Rifampin seem common to be used for infection. But I didn't find some information about Suprax after a lot of researches. Only saw a couple posts from another forum with negative results. My insurance doesn't cover it all but I have to privately pay $830 for six weeks dose. Is this a new abx on the market? Is it effective and safe to children? Any sharing and advice will be appreciated!
  24. Thanks everyone for your sharing. We end up to get Ceftin that my insurance covered. Hopefully it will work.
  25. My DS 14 is allergic to amoxicillin so my LLND prescribed Suprax for him. However, I didn't find much information and only heard a few feedbacks with no change or worse symptoms. It also is extremely expensive ($830 for only 30 capsules). My insurance doesn't cover it. Please share any other antibiotics in class of cephalosporins that work greatly and most insurances will cover. Thank you in advance!