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  1. MomWithOCDSon, What dose of the Solaray QBC Complext and how frequent are you using?
  2. My DS20 is scheduled for two weeks of appointments at Rothman at USF in January. This will be his third visit there. can someone recommend an Airbnb rental that is within a short walking distance to the clinic?
  3. It's been a long time since I have posted. DS19 is 85% better after initial PANDAS/PANS diagnosis at age 13. Still requires monthly IVIG (he has CVID), daily maintenance IV antibiotics, actively treating for tick borne infections following a tick bite last June. He also has POTS which is only somewhat managed with daily IV fluids. (He loves to tell people he has pots and pans LOL). He continues to meet the criteria for ASD (Asperger's). He has mild OCD (managed with exposure techniques he learned through ERP), mild social anxiety, executive function issues. After limited success
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