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  1. We are working with Amy Fishman in northern ca for my daughter. Treating Lyme, pandas and co infections. I have an ND I am working with for my thyroid and I think I will take my so. To her as well. If we find any more Lyme we will be an LLMD and will need to go out of state.
  2. Thank you for all the suggestions. We actually don't live somewhere where it is common at all now. We are in Hawaii, and Southern California before that. However, my daughter may have been bitten in Michigan 6 years ago. She did have a bite at that time that was infected. We never saw a tic nd itdoctir did not think tic. I however, have many of the symptoms of chronic Lyme. They also fit for hashimotos, but I am really wondering if maybe I had it. Went to school in Maine. Getting tested to see if I do. The more I read the more I realize that the many random symptoms I have complained to doctors about through the years could possibly be httpm the hashimotos or possibly undiagnosed Lyme. I just feel like something is at play on our bodies and need to figure out what!!!
  3. Daughter, 8 years old, was diagnosed with Pandas 1/17, after 1 and 1/2 years suffering. She was also positive for Myco P, CMV and Lyme. 3 very lyme specific bands were positive in Western Blot. Cunningham Panel came back with all elevated. Since this diagnosis, I myself have been diagnosed with Hashimotos. Then, today, my 12 year old was diagnosed with Graves Disease. He also tested positive for myco p. Our youngest, 6, has had mono, molluscum, and was positive for myco p in the past 3 months. He also can be very challenging with being aggressive, cries often, doesn't eat well. He does well in school academically, it is more socially. Some impulsive behaviors as well. Fights with siblings and has a mean streak. I just feel like is all of this separate or is something going on with all of my 2 other kids that is more than poor behavior and possible thyroid issues? Could it be PANDAS causing all of this, or could it be LYME! Starting to go a bit crazy with all these issues that keep popping up. My gut tells me something is going on but I don't know if I'm just being paranoid! It has been HARD year and a half with my daughter! What do you think??????
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