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    jcmom reacted to Sheila in Mouthpiece from Dr. Stack in VA   
    Hi JC Mom,
    I know some members have seen Dr Stack but are not necessarily online. I did a search and came up with some previous links that might be of interest to you. I did not differentiate whether they were positive experiences or not.
    We have heard from people who found this approach, including with Dr. Stack, very help and others for whom it did not help, even when at first it seemed they would be good candidates.
    There is a study going on presently, I believe with Dr. Sims. As I understand it, people are responsible for their own transportation and lodging. Sometimes a number of fittings are required.
    I hope this is some help.
    Study here
    Previous threads
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    jcmom reacted to Gpookie in Is Magnesium Deficiency the Cause of Tics?   
    I believe your last sentence is largely correct. However, I think it is a combo of true deficiency and malabsorption. 400mg a day took away my kids hyperactivity pretty much over night. We didn't have tics...
    Sometimes I think a bad gut is at the root ofcall this....
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    jcmom reacted to Sheila in Is Magnesium Deficiency the Cause of Tics?   
    Hi jcmom and welcome to the forums!
    About the magnesium, there is a theory that there could be a magnesium deficiency in tic disorders, though there is not research on it and there are a number of different reasons that kids can have tics. One study was planned but results not published that intended to look at supplementing with magnesium and B6 for Tourette syndrome. The entire discussion of the proposed study is here with the rationale behind it.
    With food allergies, it is best to try to avoid the items even when they are mild--or at least rotate them, say every 4 days. But for significant allergies you are on the right track, to get them out of the diet. It is good you had him tested. Your allergist should be able to tell you if you can reintroduce wheat occasionally after an extended time off of it.
    Comments on the gut by others are good. He could probably benefit from a quality probiotic which can help with digestion and potentially improve reactions to foods. And you should reduce sugars as much as you can.
    Have you had a chance to consider chemicals in the environment in addition to classic allergens? Let us know if you need ideas for that. And hope you will keep us posted.
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