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  1. Vital Proteins. I’m not sure if it is available at Costco. I order direct from their website. It’s tasteless and mixes well in juice.
  2. Yes we are still seeing good results. How much collagen powder are you giving your son a day? I could probably increase the amount I give my son - currently only give him about 3grams a day.
  3. Good! He got over his illness - still not sure what it was. But he’s feeling better and his tics are less, behavior is better now too. His current supplements are this collagen powder, vitamin D, NAC, Fiji water, Epsom salt baths and we just started a small dose of Enhansa.
  4. Thank you for the info! Glad that this supplement is not hurting him! He had a few days with no tics but my excitement was premature because he got a cold with a possible sinus infection and his tics came back.
  5. I take one scoop of this collagen powder daily. A week ago, I started giving my 5 1/2 yr old son a half scoop in his juice every day. His tics have eased up some and his behavior has been so much better. He has been able to control his emotions well the past week and he has handled disappointment well (used to have tantrums too often for his age). Does anyone know why this would be helping him? Is there any reason I shouldn’t give this to him - could it hurt him? I will continue to monitor as I know one week of improvement is not much. https://www.vitalproteins.com/products/collagen-peptides
  6. Hi - My soon to be 5 yo has the eye blinking tic as well. We have had the most success with going dairy free and avoiding food coloring. We are avoiding all uncooked dairy, but not cooked dairy like what is in Goldfish crackers. It took two full weeks to see improvement, but his tics are much less noticeable now. Really, no one would notice them at this point but me and my husband. I hope this helps and good luck!
  7. My son still had "spells" of winking and blinking - we did not see the tics go away completely while on this Life Extension product. I was only giving him 1/4 dose which equates to only 36 Mg of Magnesium but a whopping 125 Mg of Calcium. I was a little scared to use this Life Ext product and since I hadn't received any feedback on it I switched back to Natural Calm with Calcium on Sunday. I gave my son 1/2 dose of Natural Calm with Calcium on Sunday and the next day he was tic free! I think it's the amount of Magnesium that made the difference - 160 Mg in Natural Calm vs only 36 Mg with the Life Extension product. I would like to get a different Magtein product that does not have Calcium added and try that again with my son at a higher dose. I do not like that the Life Extension product has so much added Calcium. I might try this product next and will update with results: https://store.drjockers.com/collections/top-sellers/products/brain-calm-magnesium?variant=5462242625 Sheila the link in your post does not work - can you share with me the brand of Magtein you are using?
  8. I am constantly searching for the right type of magnesium for my 4yo. He has a few tics - eye blinking being the worst. We have been dairy free for 1 week (only avoiding milk, yogurt and cheese, not avoiding cooked dairy) and we have also been giving my son 1/4 serving of this supplement once a day with dinner: http://www.lifeextension.com/Vitamins-Supplements/item01602/Neuro-Mag-Magnesium-L-Threonate-with-Calcium-and-Vitamin-D3 Has anyone else tried this? It has 2 grams of Magtein in it which is a form of L-Threonate I think? I think Magtein might be the best form of magnesium for my son as it is supposedly highly absorbable. After 1 week of this daily supplement (only 1/4 dose) and dairy-free, we have seen a marked improvement in my son's tics. He has very long periods with no tics at all - 30min to 1 hr. But then he will have "spells" of blinking and winking. Hoping the long periods without tics just continue to get longer! I am not sure if the dairy free diet or if this supplement is the reason for his improvement.
  9. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good naturopath who could help me with supplement suggestions and dosing for my 4yo with transient tic disorder?
  10. Has anyone taken their child to Dr. Stack in Virginia? He is a TMJ specialist and can make mouthguards which he claims stops a child from ticcing. More info here: http://sleepandtmjtherapy.com/treatment-stories/ I would like to hear your experience with Dr. Stack. TIA.
  11. Thanks for your reply! My son's allergist did a back scratch test for common environmental allergens and he did not react to much at all. He did react to weeds but it was so mild his dr did not recommend he use an allergy medication. I would like to hear your suggestions for eliminating environmental chemicals.
  12. Has anyone had this test done on their child? If so, do you believe this test is credible? I had this test done on my 4yo boy and it returned results that showed he had high levels of lead in his body. I quickly followed that up with a blood test which showed that his lead was in the normal range. My naturopath wants to start chelation therapy but I just don't know if we should do that based on the hair analysis test alone. Thoughts?
  13. Hi I'm not from the UK but I can offer some help here. The first thing you should do is get your daughter tested for food allergies. The food allergy test is a blood test. Once you have the results, eliminate all the allergens from her diet. Continue the magnesium treatment - I had success with Natural Calm which you can find on Amazon. Magnesium will make her stools loose, so for how much you should give her, I would say start with 1/2 the recommended dose on the bottle and if she doesn't have diarrhea then increase slowly. I guess it's different for every kid - I give my 4yo 1 tsp of Natural Calm a day until he shows signs of diarrhea then I back it down to 1/2 tsp daily.
  14. My son was diagnosed with transient tic disorder around his 4 yo birthday. He repetitively clears his throat, sniffs, and blinks his eyes funny. I have had him allergy tested and found no environmental allergies and just a few food intolerances - none of which were severe. He is moderately allergic to nuts and wheat. He does not eat nuts and we are working on getting wheat out of his diet which is very difficult! He has a short list of foods that he is mildly allergic to and I have not even begun to eliminate those from his diet yet. I treated his first bout of tics (he's had two now) with Natural Calm. It took 3 months, but the tics did finally disappear only to return 3 months later. My question is - are we just treating the symptoms of tics with eliminating allergens and providing magnesium supplementation? What is the root cause of the tics? Could the root cause be that our kids are deficient in magnesium because there is something going on in their bodies that prevent them from absorbing magnesium correctly?
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