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  1. Thanks so much for responding, maybaby. How long did it take you to see a change in behavior on GF diet? And when you say you started treating for lyme after a year, do you mean you treated with abx? Did that not undo all that healing? We did not test for celiac, I don't think I have to go looking for that with that positive blood allergy test... Also, she does not display any symptoms of poor gut health, aside for sugar craving and very poor appetite/intake of regular food. But she wasn't always like this, so I doubt it's celiac. I will definitely put her on a good probiotic. I've read o
  2. Very interesting--the comparison between asymptomatic allergy and asymptomatic strep.
  3. Thanks for responding. If I'm understanding you correctly, you're saying that it could be allergy-triggered PANS, or an exacerbation of PANDAS/infection mediated PANS. And that cutting out *gluten* (not just wheat?) is a good idea regardless. Did I get it right? Should I cut casein too while I'm at it? Will cutting gluten (and dairy) be enough, as opposed to cutting all grains like in GAPS/SCD? Do you think this alone can cause a reduction in symptoms? As of now she's not on any other treatment. Nor did she get an official diagnosis. There's a PANDAS-literate pediatrician in our area b
  4. I recently had my 5yo daughter tested for PANDAS due to behaviors that seemed to really fit the bill and that in hindsight, could have began immediately following a fever or unknown origin. The following were the results that came back abnormal. ASO: 395.7 Anti DNASE b 554 Mycoplasma Pneumonia IgG 112 (dr says this is an insignificant elevation) Easinphils 0.5 IgE 1611 (!!) -- this prompted the doctor to order basic allergy panels. Wheat came back at 0.13. Said daughter has never had any kind of classic allergy symtoms or reactions. From my preliminary google research, the
  5. Hi, I'm new here. I know there are so many threads here with similar titles, but I'd really appreciate any and all input, as we're just starting out on this journey and I suspect my 5 year old daughter may have (mild?) PANDAS. Please bear with me, this is going to be long. I don't know when I started worrying about her, but I know there was a time when I didn't. She was, and still is, generally a well adjusted, well behaved, obedient, very bright child. I remember after a bout with fever that I assumed was a virus early last spring was the first time she has an "episode" that lasted ab
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