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  1. Positive for mycoplasma! Thank you again for your help. Would love to know what others did/are doing for treatment. We are only working with his regular dr for now. We just started with zithromax. How soon do people see changes? We also want to treat for strep.
  2. Here's a blood test you can order. http://www.mylabsforlife.com/OrderBloodTestsOnline/dr-amy-myers-candida-panel I ordered the stool test from the same site for my son. It showed he had yeast overgrowth; we've been treating with diet, probiotics and alternating prescription and natural anti-fungals. His energy has improved, but he still has PANDAS/PANS symptoms. We just got results back from the cunningham panel and it seems to indicate he has this disorder. I've heard that yeast can trigger an autoimmune flare up, since it's another infection.
  3. That's interesting. And yeast itself could cause a flare, right? There have been a couple of days where it seems that nothing is wrong, but then one little thing can happen that causes a bit of stress and my son spirals. Is this something anyone else experiences? I've never met anyone with PANDAS. I've only read and seen a few clips of video from the news. Are the dilated pupils and other symptoms a constant or intermittent?
  4. Thank you all so much for your help! My son saw a DAN dr almost a decade ago. We actually stopped going there after his strep infection because of the regression; the long car ride was too much. Anyway, I left a message for that dr on Friday. He's listed as the only PANDAS specialist in VT, I think. Hopefully he can help. The Cunningham panel can't be ordered in NYS, so maybe he can help with that, too. I'll look up my son's lab-work regarding the full immune panel -- I'm not sure what was done. ASO was in normal range. No med change. I didn't know if maybe a small percentage of kids with PAND
  5. Hi, I just signed up. I need help. My son is 15 and has regressive autism. He had strep throat when he was six and developed OCD, more meltdowns, anxiety; I didn't know about PANDAS at the time, so no treatment besides initial antibiotics. Things have been up and down over the years, but he mostly was improving. However, last year he got sick with what I thought was a cold, and everything got worse again. He's having rage/violence problems, dilated pupils that come and go depending on his mood, even more sensitive hearing, cognitive regression, wetting the bed, flat affect, puffy face, mood sw
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