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  1. Hi Chemar, Could you further elaborate on the Thorne Research multi? I did some reasearch on it, and there seems to be a few different products. Just curious as to which one your son takes, and why he opted for that instead of taking magnesium supplements? thanks!
  2. Hi Chemar, Thanks so much for the response, and the resource, glad to hear that your son is able to manage without the use of meds! It seems that a well maintained diet is a good basis for reducing symptoms. I recently got a blood test from my doctor to see what i'm deficient in (i was interested in the magnesium levels, and b vitamin counts), but I recently read that a simple test isn't an accurate method of determinng true magnesium levels. A few articles I read claming that a RBC serum test (Red blood cell serum test) is the best way to determine how much magnesium actually is store
  3. Hi, I'm glad I found this forum, seems like a very resourceful forum, so I'm hoping that I can get my questions answered. A bit about myself - I'm a 39 year-old male, diagnosed with TS around 7-8 years old. I have taken meds like haldol and catapress (sp?) and both turned me into a vegetable, as I kept falling asleep, and couldn't focus too well. Since about 11, I stopped taking meds altogether, and my symptoms have been a bit of roller coaster ever since. My main symptoms are facial tics, muscle tensing in the neck and shoulders, forced breathing, and repeating words and/or action
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