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  1. I am in a very similar situation right now with my 9 year old son. I would recommend seeing a pediatric neurologist who specializes in tic disorders. It can take quite some time to get in as we are waiting for a February appointment in the Washington DC area. My son now has a vocal tic as well so I am preparing myself for a Tourette's diagnosis, but still hoping they are transient. Although as long as symptoms are present, I'm not sure what difference the actual diagnosis makes. Does your son seem distressed by these tics? Is he being teased by his peers? I have been experimenting with different things such as epsom salt baths, reduced electronics, fish oil and b complex vitamins to name a few with little results if any. Our pediatrician "diagnosed" him with Tourette's after a 15 minute office visit in which he never displayed his vocal tic and at the time was only presenting with an eye roll, after being tic free for over 6 months. This was distressing to my son as well as myself as our minds went to worst case scenario, so my main advice would be to see a good professional and let them decide on a diagnosis so you do not have to go through the agony that we are right now. Since the pediatrician visit 3 weeks ago my sons eye rolling stopped, but he has developed at least 4 new tics.
  2. Sheila, thank you for your reply. I did start a journal last week and have been trying some essential oils as well as a b complex vitamin and fish oil, along with epsom salt baths. His tics have calmed a bit but seem to be moving down his body. He now is having jerky movements in his right and leg. I also have noticed him continually flexing his right arm muscles and flicking his fingers which are not occurring regularly but I assume are all related. The tics come every fall after the start of school and competitive sports and then have always subsided as we move into the winter months with sometimes a much briefer period of tics that pop up in the spring and then virtually disappear from mid april until the following September. I feel that they are stress related as my son has dealt with some anxiety issues in the past. My biggest concern is that now the tics are occurring in his extremities where before they never left the face/neck region. I would like to hear from someone who has dealt with transient tics and whether the episodes have worsened with age as seems to be the case with my son. The tics are really bothering him and are starting to affect him socially as he is now in fourth grade and kids are asking about it. My pediatrician wants to start him on clinidine and told him that he has Tourette's because of the vocal tic now and there is no cure. Ever since this appointment a couple of weeks go my son has been distressed about this and has voiced that "now I will look weird for the rest of my life". I am so angry with the pediatrician for saying that in front of him! I'm trying to give him some hope as we wait for a neurology appointment in February. I've also noticed recently that he jerks a lot when he is sleeping. His whole body jumps as he is falling asleep and it wakes him up. It's a vicious cycle. He also has stared at me blankly briefly a couple of times which makes me wonder if he could be having a seizure??
  3. My 9 year old son is experiencing another bout of what we believe are transient tics. He developed eye blinking and occasional throat clearing at age 6. It lasted about a month or so and then disappeared until the following year where he had another episode of the same for about the same time period. In the spring of 2nd grade he had an eye rolling tic which lasted for about 4-6 weeks. It disappeared for 5 months and reappeared the next fall for another 4-6 weeks. This year, the tics returned again September (his normal pattern). This year they are worse than before. It started with a noise this time. A clicking noise that he makes with the back of his tongue. That disappeared for a short while but was replaced with an eye roll that was almost constant. ( to the point of irritating his eyes) then the clicking stated again. The eye roll just very recently stopped but now appears to be replaced by excessive blinking and the noise is continuing only when he eats. Do transient tics worsen over time or is this likely a progression to Tourette's? He has been having tics this time for about 2 months straight. We have an appointment with a neurologist in February, but my mind is getting the best of me. It breaks my heart to think that he could potentially worsen and struggle with this indefinitely. He was tic free for over 5 months since his last bout.
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