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  1. Thank you for responding, We did go to a neurosurgeon in Adelaide(3000KM) away but he wasn't helpful. She had an mri but it didn't show anything. Our older daughter has been very sick also . 2 years anxiety and brain fog for no reason. Then full body paralization for 3 minute periods then Personality disorder also diagnosed with pots. Also reponded well to diamox infact became "normal" for short periods but couldn'T remember the previous 2 years. Most of the time she is okay now with short periods of personalilty changes. Has returned to school. Most of the mental health practitioners and children's doctors were suggesting I was the problem. To be honest it seems to be something with the immune system so it has the same symptoms as many disorders.
  2. Dear anyone, 2 years ago I had a normal daughter13 year old. Then my shy quiet girl woke up one day and was different. For two weeks she was loud , violent, aggressive and lying. after two weeks she slowed down but was still very outgoing. she also couldn,t sleep would only have 2 to 3 hours of sleep a night. Almost exactly a month after the first episode she basically went to sleep for a month and became very shy. Then it all started again. This lasted for more than a year. We received no medical help. GPs were good but anybody past that level said she was a naughty girl and we were bad parents. Of course I took her every where but no one would help. Eventually I used a drug called Diamox (supposed to reduce pressure to the brain) with help of a GP. This stopped the servear and really violent episodes. Used Diomox for 2 months. Another 4 months went by still with quiet month then noisey month. All of a sudden she started hearing voices, Her smell became really heightened and she wanted to wash her clothes all the time because they stank. She would also close her eyes when she ate food. She would also repeat sentences over and over again. The voices lasted 4 to 5 days. Then she went into quiet mood again. Then back to naughty and loud then the voices would start again. This was all over a 3 month period. It no longer had a real time pattern. After the voices she was no longer her normal self and was acting as if she was slightly autistic. This has been going for the past 9 months. She was diagnosed with psychosis . She is now on Risperdal but her symptoms have not improved. So we have had a very sick girl for the last two years. She has also had to attend special school . During her quiet and voices times she can't attend. If anybody has had similar experiences or believes this is a panda like sickness could you please let us know. We live in an isolated part of Australia so hard to get medical help.
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