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  1. Thank you for responding, We did go to a neurosurgeon in Adelaide(3000KM) away but he wasn't helpful. She had an mri but it didn't show anything. Our older daughter has been very sick also . 2 years anxiety and brain fog for no reason. Then full body paralization for 3 minute periods then Personality disorder also diagnosed with pots. Also reponded well to diamox infact became "normal" for short periods but couldn'T remember the previous 2 years. Most of the time she is okay now with short periods of personalilty changes. Has returned to school. Most of the mental health practitione
  2. Dear anyone, 2 years ago I had a normal daughter13 year old. Then my shy quiet girl woke up one day and was different. For two weeks she was loud , violent, aggressive and lying. after two weeks she slowed down but was still very outgoing. she also couldn,t sleep would only have 2 to 3 hours of sleep a night. Almost exactly a month after the first episode she basically went to sleep for a month and became very shy. Then it all started again. This lasted for more than a year. We received no medical help. GPs were good but anybody past that level said she was a naughty girl and we were ba
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