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  1. My son 7 years suddenly started with tics and some hyperactivity. After 3 weeks on antibiorics tics disappear and we stopped with antibiotics, he was not positive on streptococus. Now tics are started again and he is just started on antibiotics. I have read on one pandas page that If you stop first time with antibiotics to early then second time on antibiotics can be without any effect. Do you know sommething about this?.
  2. My question is Do anybody have kid who had neck jerking ( head pushes backwards) and that stopped? I have boy 7 years old without diagnose yet. He started with Neck jerking for two weeks ago and we his parents are S-holdet and devasted. We are woried if that is for rest of lige.
  3. Hi! My son started with eye blinking three years at row at same time august/september like your son. First two year tics diseapear at end of Oktober/November but this year he develop more tics like neck/head jerking, It looks like he will develop Tourrete syndrom. One Thing more similar to your son is that my son started to swim class late august and tics are worse. Your observation about august/september is very interested. AUG/september: Starting at school Eating more fruits, tomatoes etc New harwest for bred baking Pollen?
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