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  1. Hi! In my experience you need far longer then 5 days. Mycoplasma is insidious and can become intercellular. My son is on biaxin which was far more effective then azithromycin. Doxy is also a good antibiotic for mycoplasma. Have you done any blood work for immune system? It turned out my son had an immune deficiency as well and has been on prophylactic antibiotics for a year now. Hope this helps!
  2. Marcy, We see Dr. Williams out of Mgh in his private practice. We are on a waiting list for Dr. Sharf, a neurologist at Mgh. We have an appointment with Dr. Trifelleti as a second opinion as well next week. I am interested in Dr. Gellar as I had read about him and think hes heading the T force geeen study out of Mgh. Our son was accepted into this study out of the Nashua site. I wish I could tell you more about any of the doctors you mentioned but we are in the same boat with trying to tease out the best alternative for a second opinion. We like Dr. Williams but as you say our son is in a sit
  3. Thank you so much for your input and support! We are now at 3 weeks and 2 days with no talking. He tics in his sleep, when he can sleep. The doctor is going to give him a different antibiotic and try a steroid burst. We have abilify on standby but really don't want to use it. Seth is weepy and sad, he has not been able to go to school this entire time. We do give him magnesium but I'm unfamiliar with the taurate? Can you get that online? Also, the other supplement you mentioned could you give me more info on that? Thanks again for taking the time to reply and the information!
  4. Hi Sheila, Thank you so much for responding. Seth started sneezing after a croupy cough that he had had previously in February and was treated with prednisone, antibiotics and an inhaler. In April it reappeared and he was treated with just prednisone and given a nebulizer treatment. About a week later the sneezing started at school. He had this croupy cough the previous 2 years as well which doctors now think may have been a vocal tic but it always got better with medicine. Prior to the sneezing I really can't recall any other tics. We are in Massachusetts and currently see Dr. Williams a chi
  5. Hello, I am new to this site. My 10 year old son starting sneezing in April out of the blue one afternoon after I picked him up from school. This journey has had us on Risperdal, haldol and when the side effects outweighed any minimal improvement transitioned to intuniv and clonidine extended release, the new doctor went back to the basics. As he has not been able to speak in 12 days the tic is so severe the doctor started him on Keflex as a long shot to see if there is a PANDAS component. He wants us to then try abilify. We also supplement with magnesium, gaba, vitamin D and recently started
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